The Glorious Return of our Opera Picnic at Staatsoper für Alle


We can’t believe it’s been already three years since we did our last official opera picnic for the big Staatsoper für Alle event. During the pandemic, the popular opera screening took place in socially distanced shapes that didn’t allow our picnic to happen, but this year the format finally went back to its original form so we were able to do it again like we used to.

And it felt really great to be back on Bebelplatz among all the opera lovers enjoying the show with our signature lavish picnic that made all the surrounding visitors jealous. And since the date coincided with the World Day of Picnics it was an even more perfect opportunity to make it extra special, including golden blankets, crystal glasses, chilled sparkling wine, etagéres full of fruit, and the finest snacks for our guests. 

If you haven’t been to Staatsoper für Alle yet, it’s an annual opera festival in collaboration with longtime Staatsoper partner BMW that happens for 2 days on Bebelplatz allowing thousands of Berliners and visitors to enjoy the magic of opera totally for free. On the first day, there is always a live stream from inside the opera of the premiere of their latest production, and on the second day, there is a live concert on stage with the Staatskapelle conducted by Daniel Barenboim.




Usually, we do our picnic on the second day during the concert, but this time we switched to the opera screening on the first day, which gave us the opportunity to watch the entire premiere of the new production of Turandot, the iconic Puccini opera. And it was glorious, in the end, the singers even came outside to receive the applause from thousands of guests. That was really amazing.


For me, the opera picnic is one of my favorite events that we do, even though it’s a much smaller one with only around 10 guests on our picnic blanket. While it allows us to have a more personal experience with our readers it still feels like we are part of something big being surrounded by thousands of more people around us. And to be honest, I am a total picnic nerd – I just love the idea to have a lavish banquette out in the open. It makes me feel like I’m reenacting an old oil painting. 


We had an amazing evening at Staatsoper für Alle, with super lovely guests at our picnic, a great show, and the best weather. We can’t wait for next year!

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