These Awesome Berlin Restaurants Offer Home Deliveries

photo: Cookies Show. 

Normally around this time of the year, we would offer you a guide of the newest restaurants in Berlin. Well, things went a little differently this year and now we found ourselves scouting through various websites, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages to find out which of our favorite Berlin joints is actually still open and cooking during the current lockdown and – more importantly – who is doing home deliveries so we can avoid leaving our quarantine. We put together a quite eclectic mix of different styles of restaurants from fine dining to street food, and we also tried to cover places across the city.

Keep in mind some of these restaurants are only making their first experiences with deliveries, so be patient with them. It’s a tough situation for the entire gastronomic scene. It might be worth keeping tuned to their channels for any changes in regards to times and delivery terms. We’ve linked the most helpful website or social media account of each place in the texts below. Guten Appetit!

Cookies Show


Cookies Show might be the most elaborate home delivery service right now offering different menus from the awarded chefs from Crackers, Cookies Cream and Data Kitchen. The gourmets amongst you will be delighted!


photo: Cookies Show




Since they served their delicious food at our Like A Berliner book launch at Kantini Bikini last November we are absolutely addicted to their Gyozas and Karaage. We’ll certainly be ordering from JABE during this lockdown. They deliver through Lieferando.



photos: JABE


Standard Pizza


Standard Pizza in Prenzlauer Berg is quite the popular pizza joint, rightly so, their pizzas are incredible. Luckily they are currently also doing deliveries within the neighborhood.


photo: Standard Pizza




The guys from Tisk are turning traditional East-German dishes into fine dining in Neukölln and now they also deliver to your house! We couldn’t ask for more.


photo: iHeartBerlin




Transit is a Berlin classic. The amounts of their Thai tapas that we have eaten can not be counted anymore. And they will keep getting more during the lockdown, as both their Friedrichshain and Mitte restaurants now also deliver.


photo: Transit


Nobelhart & Schmutzig


Nobelhart & Schmutzig daheim is a wonderful solution for all of you gourmets who crave the amazing food of the restaurant of the same name while being stuck in quarantine.


photo: Nobelhart & Schmutzig


Katz Orange


Certainly one of our most recommended restaurants in Mitte is the lovely Katz Orange with its beautiful backyard. They are also still cooking for pick-ups and also delivery on request.


photo: Katz Orange




Anjoy is our favorite Vietnamese in Prenzlauer Berg and a trusted neighbor restaurant. We will miss their flying noodles for sure, but we won’t have to miss their food in general, as they are doing their own delivery service these days.


photo: Anjoy




Malakeh is one of the newer restaurants on Potsdamer Straße in Schöneberg and is giving us the best flavors from Syria. They currently deliver their food themselves and free of extra charges.



photos: Malakeh


Yumcha Heroes


We love the steamed dumplings of Yumcha Heroes like nothing else and we’ve been a big fan of this place for a really long time. Luckily we won’t have to live without these dumplings in our quarantine as they deliver through Lieferando.


photos: Yumcha Heroes


Gazzo Pizza


Neukölln Pizza lover won’t have to live without their beloved sourdough pizza from Gazzo Pizza who are still baking away and doing deliveries through their own service.


photo: Gazzo Pizza


Mama Shabz


Mama Shabz is continuing to supply you with the delicious flavors, herbs and spices of Pakistan through this lockdown thanks to her delivery service in Kreuzberg (once a week also for the whole of Berlin).


photo: Mama Shabz


Dudu 31


While the original Dudu in Mitte is unfortunately closed, their Charlottenburg restaurant Dudu 31 stays open offering a delivery service within the district. Hurrah!


photo: Dudu 31


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