These Berlin Students Are Shining A Light On Local Businesses Run by Seniors

Every one of us experiences individual struggles around the ongoing pandemic. One undeniable reality of the current time is the struggle of shop owners to attract customers, which especially impacts those with little to no online presence. That’s where the project Senior Shops comes in: this new initiative started by a group of Master students from the HWR Berlin school is devoted to highlighting various businesses run by elderly people.

Quirky little shops where one arrives to be greeted by the friendly and/or eccentric owner treasure a lot of Berlin’s unique identity. But since it’s much harder to stumble upon these while everyone is working in the home office mode and ordering groceries online, the folks behind the Senior Shops IG account have decided that it’s time to give these businesses some Internet spotlight. 





Every entry on the Senior Shops account consists of a few pictures from the shop and a short description of its merchandise and/or services. They’ve already featured an antique shop, a bookstore, a bakery, a vintage shop, a barbershop, a place with Persian specialties, and many more! Many of the posts include a picture of the owner along with some information about them, which instantly conveys how passionate they are about their businesses.

Show some appreciation and respect for your elders and help Berlin maintain its rare character at the same time! Find your next go-to vendor or service on the Senior Shops IG account, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you know of another Berlin store they could present next.

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