This Cute Puzzle Will Help You Rediscover Berlin

The declining Corona regulations and warm weather of the last few months have given us the chance to rediscover Berlin. But now that the autumn gloom is upon us, and the dreaded Berlin winter is already lurking around the corner, you might feel more inclined to rediscover the city from the comfort of your home. And why not do it with a lovely puzzle?

Many Berlin creatives managed to come up with some amazing stuff during the pandemic. Such is the case of Magda Stadnik, an illustrator and designer originally from Poland, who has come up with “we come in piece” –  a wonderful puzzle depicting Berlin

The puzzle lets you put together a symbolic map of Berlin that features its most iconic landmarks, such as the Wall, Oberbaumbrücke, and Checkpoint Charlie. It also depicts some of the city’s inhabitants, for example by including a queue of ravers in front of Berghain. 

The puzzle comes with an informative poster that provides extra information on some of the featured objects, which makes the experience almost like a real tour through a very colorful version of Berlin. That’s the perfect alternative for the cold and grey city we’re about to hibernate in.


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