Visions in Motion: Commemorating 30 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Those of you who have been passing by Brandenburger Tor in the last couple of days might have already noticed the huge installation that was installed on the Straße des 17. Juni. It is only one of many many actions happening all over town this week commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Peaceful Revolution that lead to it.

The installation was done by Patrick Shearn from Poetic Kinetics and is titled Visions in Motion. If this flittering carpet in the sky made of countless colorful ribbons seems familiar to you: The same artist was also responsible for the shimmering flitter installation that graced the ceiling of Kraftwerk during our own 10th-anniversary event two years ago. 



A little detail that you can only see up-close: 30.000 ribbons in the installation have wishes written by Berliners on them. The piece was inspired by all the posters and banners that protesters were holding up during the peaceful demonstrations 30 years ago.

Earlier today I had the chance to see the installation from above. Not with a drone but by a crane lift that. It was quite exciting and a little scary to be in that little basket so high up in the sky. But the view was spectacular! From up there, the installation looked like a flowing carpet leading towards the Brandenburger Gate.

During this week of celebrations, there is a lot going on all over town with many exhibitions and events – the big highlight being a stage program on the 9th of November at Brandenburger Tor. Check the festival program here.

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