The Fruit Salad – Episode 3 – Runway

If fashion week is war, runway is the battlefield. And I did a good portion of fights last week to go to each event and make sure that everybody noticed that I was there. Is this egomanic? I do’t think so. To see all my adventures at Berlin Fashion Week and to see the shows I visited and enjoyed the most (Patrick Mohr, Moga e Mago, The Shit, Lena Hoschek, Mark Stone and the best of them all Charlie Le Mindu) please have a look at the third episode called Runway after the jump.

Now Fashion Week is over but I have no time to be sad or to complain that all my outfits are back in the closet, because I will come back. Not so sure when or where, but this salad is way to fresh to go away. And I do have a couple of fashion show reviews left for your enjoyment. So tschüssi and see you soon.

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on July 10th, 2013
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  1. Dieter Says:

    THE SHIT sehr einzigartiger Name 🙂 Videoproduktion ist auch nich schlecht.

    Grüße aus Dresden

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