Read My bodieSLANGuage – Animated GIF Reactions

Read my BodieSLANGuange is a series of animated GIFs that we created in collaboration with the choreographer duo matanicola (Nicola Mascia & Matan Zamir) and the Sign Language interpreter and performance artist the progressive wave (Gal Naor). To continue iHeartBerlin’s ventures into the world of theater and dance we came up with this series as a digital add-on to the spectacular play bodieSLANGuage referencing elements of the performance and mixing them with slang and gestures of contemporary youth and pop culture presented in the style of the many popular GIF Tumblrs such as When you live in Berlin. We hope you enjoy it!

When you arrive in Berlin and notice the ridiculous amount of hot guys in the streets



When your friend takes you to Berghain for the first time and introduces you to his cool hipster squad



When your buddies ask you how it went with the girl last night



When you get your first PAID internship in Berlin



When someone explains the GEZ to you for the first time



When the controllers in the U-Bahn ask for your ticket



When you go straight to the front of the line at the club because you are on the list



Thanks to the performers Jija Sohn, Bráulio Bandeira and Jan Michael Kress from the ensemble of bodieSLANGuage.

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