The New Berliners: Playmobil Versions of Berlin Characters

After the huge success of previous editions artist Dorit Bialer has now released a brand new series of her Berliner in Box sets with typical Berlin characters as fun Playmobil versions. After previous versions gave us the punks at Kaisers and the Berghain girl her new series features brand new characters such as the street artist, the serial daters, the hipster drag queen, the fashion blogger, the real estate shark and the DJ. As a little extra there are also two new Berliner classics such as Christiane F. and Nina Hagen. Well, and as a personal treat there is also a version of ME! Yes, you read that one right, I have been turned into a Playmobil character too.

The playsets are once again filled up with lots of little details and witty description texts on the boxes that poke fun at all of the stereotypes. It’s a wonderfully creative continuation of the series and brings the whole concept into the current time. If you like these amazing sets you can also have your own custom You in a Box set made by Dorit, it’s also a great and original gift idea for Christmas!

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