Dangerous Photography: The Berlin Underground

photos: Jeisson Martin

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. I guess this also means taking some steps into forbidden territory sometimes.

We already told you a bit about young photographer Jeisson Martin, who is taking his photographs with a certain attitude that could be described as wild and adventurous. And that’s exactly what it is: wild. Jeisson, not afraid to take risks for the ideal shot, is going the extra mile if he has to. And this means he won’t be intimidated by a “No Entry” sign. His photographs revolve around unusual spots and restricted areas of all kinds. There is a metallic beauty about them that is both sharp and soft at the same time. Vibrant, colorful, full of life and yet with a distinguished retraction. We love his shots, so we curated them for our #berlin exhibition some weeks ago.

For his latest coup, the urban explorer took us with him, down the stairs of the Berlin subway for a shoot ‘down under’. Of course these excursions are dangerous and forbidden, so don’t even think about following in his footsteps! Check out the beautiful results and the exciting making-of video that he made for his new YouTube channel #exploreeverything after the jump.

Amazing, right? Check out the 2-min-video #exploreeverything here:

You can follow Jeisson Martin’s adventures on his Instagram and now also on YouTube.

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