Dangerous Photography: Above and Beyond on Berlin Rooftops

photos: Franz Becker

Remember when we told you about the dangerous photography in the underground tunnels of Berlin?
This time, no less dangerous but a lot higher- we want to take you to the top.
Started from the bottom, now we’re here. Sometimes, to get a clearer image of things an overview right from the (roof-) top is all you need. With your legs dangling from the edge and your head in the sky some problems seem teeny tiny.

Young photographer and urban explorer Franz Becker seems to feel the same way and takes you above and beyond with his photos, right to the rooftops of Berlin. Where others stop is where he begins. On his Instagram he captures extraordinary views of the city that are nothing short of breath-taking. And dangerous to shoot. Rooftops, Railings, Stairs – anything elevated really serves as a platform to the aerialist.

With his photos Franz allows us a perspective of Berlin that is exclusive and majestic. We love his airy images so much that we included him in our #berlin Instagram exhibition. Time for you, to check out some of his shots right after the jump and float around in the sky.

Make sure to see more of Franz Becker’s photos here.

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