Dining at the Cemetery: MARS Restaurant at Silent Green

Berlin is really good at re-purposing old places. Factories turn into clubs, old bunkers turn into art galleries, and in Wedding, a crematorium has been converted into a very nice restaurant and art gallery space. It’s called Mars (formerly Moos), and it sits in the middle of an old cemetery.

The food is wonderful, as is the architecture. It feels very refined and classy, but not in a stuffy, expensive way. It’s chic and sophisticated, but approachable.

photos: Keith Telfeyan

The gallery looks very modest at first, until you head downstairs into what was surely a place where dead bodies were once burned. Pretty crazy! The place is cleaned up and proper, but there are still hints of the past to be discovered throughout.

Outside, the cemetery is still quite a lovely, somber place for a stroll. Berlin has nice cemeteries in general – the revered spaces are well kept and green. This one feels very active, with fresh flowers seen throughout.

Check out Mars for brunch, lunch or coffee, and feel free to bring your laptop. It’s a lovely place to spend an early afternoon!

Mars Küche & Bar , silent green, Gerichtstrasse 35, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Open: Mon-Fri 11-18h

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