The Most Amazing Cake Makers of Berlin

photo: Stephanie’s Cakes

According to Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s definition, cake is a fluffy dessert, that people usually eat on their birthdays, when they admit that they have aged. However silly it might sound, cakes can serve a lot of purposes at the same time: sometimes, they are baked to celebrate a certain occasion, whereas at times they are made to eat away our sorrow. When I personally see a beautifully decorated cake, it feels like my soul is smiling. You can imagine how long that feeling lasted when I bumped into the work of these gifted cake makers:

Stephanie’s Cakes Berlin

Stephanie is specializes in customized edible works for pretty much any occasion including weddings, baby showers, office/birthday parties and catering. The exceptional styling of the delicious output cannot be described in words, but rather in pictures:

photos: Stephanie’s Cakes

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Du Bonheur

Du Bonheur makes a very interesting case of a cafe: it is open from early morning until early evening, serves coffee, breakfast, really nice roasted coffee as well as a lot of sweets, soups, brioche and irresistible quiche. It aspires to create an atmosphere comparable to the one you can enjoy when entering a French patisserie. It certainly does a great job so far.

photos: iHeartBerlin

Du Bonheur, Brunnenstraße 39, Berlin-Mitte

Open Wed-Fri 8-19h, Sat-Sun 9-19h

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Mr. Minsch

Mr. Minsch offers a daily selection of up to 20 classical tartes and cakes in their shop. Their specialty are quite elaborate and eccentric sometimes even alien looking cakes as well as chocolate and sugar sculptures that will make you question what is physically possible. How about a pair of slippers made of sugar or a crown made of chocolate?

photos: Mr.Minsch

Mr. Minsch, Yorckstraße 15, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily 10-18:30h

* * *

Princess Cheesecake

Princess Cheesecake stands for excellence in the patisserie craft with a special focus on cheese cakes in all shapes and variations. Their cakes are made out of organic ingredients, the coffee is fair trade and the tee is hard to forget. It is very hard to imagine someone not drooling incessantly while gazing at these pictures.

Princess Cheesecake-

photos: Katy Otto

Princess Cheesecake, Tucholskystraße 37, Berlin-Mitte

Open daily 10-20h

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