A Decade of iHeartBerlin & 2 People who could not be more different

photo: Katja Hentschel

10 Years of iHeartBerlin! How did we make it so far? I wonder sometimes when I think back to all the crazy shit that happened in the last 10 years. And especially when I look at Frank and me who were two very different people back then. Of course, everybody was a bit different 10 years ago… but believe me… we were unrecognizably different.

Not to show you how much we changed, but rather to show how it does not matter how old you are and how cool you look to make amazing projects happen, I will guide you back to the dawns of time and when Frank and I were still two little puppies playing with bits and bites and with no idea whatsoever that we will stick around so long with each other delivering to you the best stories about our beloved city.


The year before everything began… This is the one and only analog picture I have from Frank and myself. I turned 20 on that day and somehow I look like a teenage vampire. Maybe I was a teenage vampire…


This picture is from our first “party photo set”. It was just a little experiment with the lights of a club because the party was a bit boring. I do remember also years later that Frank had particularly fun to take pictures when a party was not really good.


We traveled to Korea and Japan together and also took some pictures in the dressing room because we thought that is what bloggers should do. Fortunately, our “Outfit- blogger” aspirations did not go further than this. Also, we dressed up roaring 20s-style for our first Boheme Sauvage Party in Potsdam.


This is the only year we did not spend so much time together actually. BUT: there is this one picture from this hilarious photo shoot at a fashion store from a friend of us. We tried really hard to look cool. And failed pretty much. But I remember we had a lot of fun doing so.


Frank and I got the chance to decorate one shop window at Gallery Lafayette with all our party photos. It was fun to do this project and more fun that these pictures are now hanging in my office.


Crazy people do crazy things. So we decided to ask Berlin fashion designers to design a couture easter egg for us and do a little exhibition. This was also the year of our “Gif.Me.Berlin” exhibition.


This year I remember as the year Frank and I started going partying together again. So there is a couple of party pics at Backyard or at the Blitzparty where we used to go quite often. This one is my favorite.


We did so many projects this year together that it’s impossible to name them all. My favorite one was the little web series the fruit salad with Tatiana Saphir. This picture was taken at our second cinema event with Mobile Kino and the party for Franks 31s birthday. An amazing night at Urban Spree.


Not only did we celebrate one of the best parties at Kraftwerk Berlin. Also, we visited the first Olympus Perspective Playground together. This picture was taken at the Playground. Who would have thought that we would do such a big event a couple of years later here?


I moved into Blogfabrik. I started working there as a creative director and editor in chief while Frank and iHeartBerlin had their first real office. There our Absolute Party with Nicola Napoli’s great artwork took place and our #berlin exhibition with the biggest Berlin Instagrammers.


I remember this year as the year Frank and I did not saw each other for the longest time ever because he went 6 months to Argentina. He also got married and we celebrated it with lots of love and compassion. This picture shows Frank and his husband Alejandro giving me a superhug (that nearly killed me).


Finally Marriage Equality in Germany. And many amazing projects Frank and I did this year already. This photo was taken by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert for the Marriage Equality Campaign by Ehe für Alle and SKYY.

The future is full of surprises. We never expected to do so many great things. Sometimes I wonder how we will look like 10 years from now. Maybe more wrinkly and saggy. But it does not matter as long we stay creative and happy and excited about our projects. And I am sure we will be.

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