How to Get the Berlin Look

While Berlin’s weather is too unpredictable to count on it, at least you don’t have to worry about always having to find the appropriate outfit for the current circumstances. Berliners tend to be quite liberal as far as putting together a look goes. Or taking a look apart, for that matter: showing some skin is often a viable option. At the first glance, it might look like they’re just throwing on random stuff they just picked up at Humana, but there’s a logic to this aesthetic madness.

Together with the illustrator Sophia Halamoda, we’ve analyzed some of the most prevailing Hauptstadt fashion trends for our book Like A Berliner (available here) and extracted some advice for you on how to get the Berlin look from the chapter Look Like A Berliner!  


Keep it real 


Don’t pretend you are someone you’re not. If you want to fit in with the Berliners, you should desire to not fit in. Keep it real. And the truth is: we are all a bit insane. If your insanity comes through in your appearance, it’s totally en vogue

If you are a pretty normal and balanced person, you can practice Berlin’s messed-up look. Because one thing that Berliners despise more than being fake is being a boring normie. 



No more getting up at 6 am to look ‘’presentable’’, let alone showering. Berlin is the place where you can let go and embrace yourself, and all the smells that go along with that. Berliners truly take ‘’I woke up like this’’ to the next level. In their fashion choices, they go for comfort over everything. Again, there are some practical reasons for that, like the fact that it’s really hard to cross the bike lanes during rush hour wearing high heels! 


Wear black (or go naked)


Multi-tasking Berliners appreciate the flexibility of a black outfit. A black shirt worn to a startup meeting can easily double as an unassuming rave outfit once the Feireabend calls. About that: as an exception proving the rule, there’s one particular radiant accessory that seems to always be in vogue, namely a neon sticker on your phone’s camera. There’s no limit on the number of stickers. Get as many as you want. They’re like medals on your club uniform.  

However, when it comes to any other accessories, Berliners are devout minimalists. Practical reasons could be involved in this choice – what’s the use of wearing many pieces of jewelry if there’s a possibility you forget it at your (one) nightstand? 




The same maxim applies to garments in general, especially at night. Berliners are all about body positivity, which becomes quite apparent at numerous parties that encourage incorporating transparent clothing or elements of nudity into the dress code. 


Follow a DIY Beauty Routine 


Berliners are notorious for being flaky, but luckily there’s an easy way to not have to keep your appointments at the beauty salon: simply get it all done at home by yourself!

Shaving your eyebrows off is facultative. However, since maintaining perfectly-shaped eyebrows is too work-intensive for the natural Berlin look, you might as well entertain the thought. When you consider the amount of time and money saved by choosing to live eyebrow-free, shaving them off almost sounds like a no-brainer. 

How to turn a French manicure into Berlin nails? Simple: apply nail polish of choice and then, instead of waiting for it to dry, go on with your household work. Wait until polish peels off by itself before repeating. 

Forget about curl sticks and ironing your hair. If you want the natural Berlin curls, simply sleep on your hair for three nights in a row without washing or brushing it. If it’s not greasy enough after the third day, simply apply some hairspray and you are good to go!

Want an authentic Berlin highlighter make-up tutorial? Today’s your lucky day. Step one: no more overpriced, pointless plastic products. All you need to do is rub your cheeks against some cold bottles, preferably Sterni or Mate. Can you see the glow?


Coexist with fashion trends 


Once you got the hang of the previous points, you can start being a real Berlin fashionista. This might surprise you, but you’re actually not supposed to be completely ignorant of general fashion trends. You can even reference them in your outfits. Just do it the Berlin way. For example, by replacing an expensive designer bag with a tote bag from a past Fashion Week. Remember: you may be poor, but you’re still sexy.







Like A Berliner

by Sophia Halamoda & iHeartBerlin


200 pages, 21x27cm

Price: 35 EUR

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