Loving Her: The New Berlin TV Show About Lesbian Love

photo: ZDF/Marcus Glahn. 

Following the recent debut of the first gay German TV show All You Need comes a new show shining a light on lesbian love stories – and we’re quite excited about it! Unfortunately, these stories have been pretty underrepresented and it’s long overdue they get the space they deserve.

Directed by Leonie Krippendorff, “Loving Her” tells the story of Hannah and her dating life in Berlin and it could not be more relatable to us. After she has had a hard time finding work in Berlin during the pandemic she is about to move back to live with her parents when she bumps into an ex-girlfriend and her new partner which sets a whole trip down memory lane in motion including all the relationships and affairs she experienced in Berlin. Each episode is dedicated to another girl that was part of her love life in the city and each represents different challenges and life lessons she learned.

Compared to All You Need which addresses a variety of issues of several characters Loving Her really focuses on the different love stories of the main character played by Banafshe Hourmazdi (who you might know from the queer film Futur Drei) making it a more intimate and personal type of story. Even though there would be so many other aspects to focus on, for example considering the main character is a Person of Color, it’s kind of refreshing to be able to just focus on the love story without making an issue out of the sheer existence of the character herself.


photo: ZDF/Marcus Glahn


If you’re in for a multiple hours binge over the weekend you will have to hold your horses though! The show that is actually an adaptation of the dutch series Anna+ from 2018 follows a new type of format with quite short, bite-sized episodes of only 10-13 minutes, so the entire season only adds up to a bit over an hour. We would have certainly appreciated being able to spend more time with these characters than that, but we’ll take it as is. Hopefully, we’ll get more formats like Loving Her and All You Need!

All episodes of Loving Her are available to stream starting today (July 1st, 2021, 10:00a.m.) at the ZDF Mediathek. The show is in the German language.


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