Unique Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve always brings up the highest expectations in everyone so you should definitely make sure your decoration is on point for this special night. We made a little research on the internet on the topic and found a whole bunch of nice ones that we wanted to try out, but we also had a couple of ideas specific to Berlin and to our upcoming NYE party. We actually already set up our place so you can already see how some of the decoration projects have turned out.

First things first: Where to get the good stuff? We checked a couple of places to see what party decorations they had and what is a good match for New Year’s Eve specifically. Our top choice turned out to be idee Kreativmarkt which you can find next to KaDeWe, inside the Mall of Berlin and on Wilmersdorfer Straße. This place has a lot of party decorations such as these fun big paper ornaments, balloons, confetti in all colors and shapes, material for your DIY projects and so much more. This place will have you completely covered. If you need more unique materials and have good craft skills we recommend Modulor. And if you only want a few simple items such as confetti bombs and party hats you will that at Flying Tiger for cheap.

Now that you know where to get the good stuff, here’s a rundown of what we recommend for your New Year’s Eve party. The basics are pretty easy to get into action: Spread some confetti on the table – preferably silver or gold because it’s more festive! Hang some shiny paper streamers all over the place. Blow up some transparent balloons and fill them with confetti. Put out some striped paper straws for the drinks.

For the center piece I recommend you get something from the flower shop that matches your color theme. Ours is silver and blue, so we got some silvery Eukalyptus branches and blue thistle. Instead of a vase we used three empty Absolut Facet bottles from last year and wrapped them with these wire LED light chains that come with battery backs. You can get those for cheap at places like Nanunana, Depot or Buttlers.

To really fill up the space we created a curtain from silver crepe paper stripes which we hung from the ceiling. In fron and behind this curtain we hung a couple of these lovely paper ornaments – they really make an impressions and are easy to set up. As a little DIY project we created our own buntings with silver aluminum paper and blue wachs paper. They turned out quite cute and are now framing our arrangement.

The crown piece is a bundle of 20 little disco balls hanging in the middle over the table. I find that pretty Berlin because this city has such a vibrant club scene. I wanted to have a real disco ball in a bigger size but ended up getting these small ones instead because they were lighter. Hanging right next to it is a silver foil heart balloon which I equipped with mirror letters forming 2018. This turned out to be quite the funny selfie mirror. Can’t wait for our guests to use it!

We hope you found some inspiration here and wish you happy decorating and of course a fun party!


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