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Deutsch Lernen: The Best Ways to Learn German

photo: Days of Deutsch

Actually fact is that you can easily get by in Berlin without any German. It has happened to me more than one time that I started speaking German in a cafe or restaurants only to be stared at blankly with the response of ‘Do you speak English?’. So why bother?

Because you are missing out on nuances of the German culture. As with every language, there are things that you can only express in German and any attempt of translation will lose the meaning immediately. Jokes are not funny anymore by the time somebody has translated them. Or take the word ‘Schadenfreude’ –  so unique in its meaning that the word is now used worldwide in German and everybody understands what this means. So what is the best way to actually learn German, one of the most difficult languages to learn? Read more about our recommendations after the jump.

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on September 29th, 2015
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The Best Hummus in Berlin

Appetizer or main meal in itself, when sharing food with friends hummus is always high up on the list. We all know it’s made of chickpeas but there is an art to making really good hummus, dressing it up and adding accompanying dishes. It already starts with the main ingredient chickpeas. Different people have different methods of peeling off the thin clear skin to make the hummus rich and less seamy. While we’re not able to share the ultimate trick of making the best hummus with you, we have our recommendation of best places in Berlin to fulfill your hummus craving. Best enjoyed with a group of your favorite people. Read more after the jump.

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on September 24th, 2015
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Berlin in the 90s

photos: Michael Lange

It’s too easy to take for granted the Berlin that we all know today. Beautiful old Altbauten next to modern light apartment buildings, an abundance of cafes, restaurants and little independent shops along the big malls. A city full of life all connected with a great transportation and infrastructure system.

But over 20 years ago the streets looked very different and especially East Berlin was all but a big opportunity after the reunification. Temporary clubs and galleries spruced up in the deserted building giving new life to the waste open spaces while at the same time countless construction sites were a sign of what was to come. Berlin based photographer Michael Lange captured this truly unique time and the rapid change that was taking place all over the city in his black and white photographs. See more of his pictures after the jump.

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on September 17th, 2015
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Berlin’s Architecture Illustrated

illustrations: Daniel Ramirez Perez

Berlin’s cityscape isn’t as flashy as some other metropoles boasting a single iconic landmark like Lady Liberty for New York City, the Eiffel Tower for Paris or the Twin Tower for Kuala Lumpur. Instead, Berlin rather gets you with its edgy, yet historic, character that is present and clearly visible everywhere in the city. From the graffitied streets of Kreuzberg to the tall Fernsehturm that you can see from pretty much wherever you are – I’m sure you will agree that this indeed is a very diverse city. It’s difficult to sum up Berlin in words, that’s why we’re glad to have illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez capture our charming and wonderfully weird Berlin in his colorful architectural illustrations. Have a look for yourself after the jump.

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on September 11th, 2015
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Lights On In Berlin – 20 Years of eBay

photo: Daniel Bolloff

This Thursday evening, September 10, as it’s getting darker outside with the end of summer the Spree will be transformed into a light landscape. Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter will illuminate buildings along the Spree between Berlin Hauptbahnhof and East Side Gallery as part of eBay‘s 20 year anniversary celebrations. Internationally renown, the investment banker turned marketing consultant and artist has been transforming public buildings, monuments as well as landscapes and whole mountains since 1999, and actually this is the second time in Berlin for Hofstetter as he illuminated the Brandenburger Tor in 2005. See more examples and read more about the upcoming installation after the jump.

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on September 8th, 2015
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Exploring Berlin: A Guide to Prenzlauer Berg

Once its own borough, the district of Prenzlauer Berg now belongs to Pankow and is located right next to Mitte and Friendrichshain. Characterized by the five-story ‘Althaus’ with a closed courtyard in the back the typical Prenzlauer Berg block is very large. The district is dominated by broad tree-lined streets with colorful boutiques, restaurants and cosy cafes attracting a mix of stay-home moms and dads, freelancers and university students alike. Prenzlauer Berg can’t deny its creative and alternatively individual vibe with parks being taken over by children’s birthday parties clearly marked by burlaps and balloons under the tree, a broad range of organic food shops, hip new juice shops and a yoga studio on almost every corner. Learn more about this charming neighborhood’s highlights with our best-of guide to Prenzlauer Berg after the jump.

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on August 25th, 2015
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Forever Now Festival – A Transformational Journey

Going with the sense of time, a first-ever new festival is coming to Neue Heimat in the beginning of September with one question in mind: What makes one’s life worth living? How can we help to shape and transform our future to form a society that we want to live in? It’s about you as an individual, us as a culture and the society we’re living in. The organizers of the new Forever Now Festival created a line-up that approaches this topic from different angles – from interactive sessions to talks, music and food. Read more about it after the jump and find our how to win festival passes.

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on August 19th, 2015
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California Pops: Organic Popsicles in Kreuzberg & P’berg

California Pops couldn’t have opened at any better time riding the craze-wave of ice popsicles right at the top as this trend is coming to Berlin. And just to set record right: we won’t complain! A delicious and beautiful way to cool us down on these hot summer days.

With this storefront in Kreuzberg, no need to wait around for a street food event anymore. And Prenzlauer Berger also get their fix at the brand new second store at Eberswalder Straße.

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on August 17th, 2015
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Berlin Does Korean – The Best Korean Food in Berlin

It’s undeniable that Berlin is in a Korean food craze. No street food market is complete without the Korean influenced fusion burgers or fries, nor will be able to go far in Kreuzberg, Neukoelln or Prenzlauer Berg without stumbling over some sizzling Bibimbap. The smell of Korean BBQ in the air is undeniably mouth-watering and there’s nothing more heart-warming than a spicy hot stew on a breezy day – though Koreans especially enjoy hot and spicy food in summer, sweating everything out.

We all know the staples like Kimchi, Bibimbap (maybe even the “dolsot” version served in a sizzling hot ceramic pot), pork belly BBQ, Bulgogi and the seafood pancake. The variety of Korean restaurants in this city shows us that there is more to good Korean food than slapping some Kimchi on your rice veggie bowl and we have compiled our best-of list for you in this Korean restaurant guide so you can be sure to hit the right spots. Read more about our recommendations after the jump.

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on August 12th, 2015
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Awesome Outdoor Activities in Berlin

photo: Steffimarla

Outdoor activities may not be the first thing you think about in context with Berlin but in summer this metropolis’ parks, unique green areas and the Spree are the perfect backdrop for some outdoor fun. Berlin is filled with little and big parks so there is always the option to get your friends together for a picnic in the park, sip a cold drink and just chill in one of the beach bars by the Spree or take a day trip and go swimming in one of the many lakes around Berlin.

But maybe you’ve done all this already and and are now looking for a bit more adventure? Fret not, you don’t need to leave your beloved city to find adventure. We have compiled a list for you on where to get active and get your blood pumping in Berlin. Read more about our recommendations after the jump.

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on August 7th, 2015
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