How to get started as a Student in Berlin

Every October, thousands of new students come to Berlin to start a new educational journey. But Berlin not only offers good education through excellent universities; this city is a great place to learn to be yourself. It’s an adventure that, for some, results in staying here, as I did myself 13 years ago when I moved here to study. For others, Berlin is only a temporary station – an intermission between other cities and places.

But regardless of the length of your stay, moving to Berlin is an exciting experience with many unknown possibilities waiting for you. Still, some things are tricky to figure out, and we at iHeartBerlin love to support all Berliners by giving the best recommendations for places and experiences. In collaboration with the newly opened Neon Wood co-living space, which provides beautifully furnished small apartments who want to share a beautiful place with likeminded people, we have collected some helpful advice for your first steps in Berlin. Our guide is visually illustrated by none other than Berlin expert and Berghain Lover Sophia Halamoda. Enjoy.

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on October 6th, 2017
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A Guide to Awesome Hostels in Berlin

photo: HappyGoLucky Hostel

With all the stories depicting Berlin as a modern day Shangri-La (which we can be innocent of spreading a little bit), you might be one of those happy-go-lucky expats arriving here with very little idea as to where they’re gonna rest their bones after their tendency to doze off at a club becomes rather a nuisance. But scoring a place of your own is no easy feat in the super competitive Berlin real estate market. When all your struggles have been in vain and you still haven’t found a flat, always asking your one night stands for a sleepover, it’s time to temporarily let down your arms and check out some affordable hostels before fortune finally smiles back at you:

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on October 5th, 2017
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One Night Stand

One Night Stand at Amano Hotel

Two weeks ago Mercedes and I went to a welcome party of the brand new Amano Hotel at Auguststrasse corner of Rosenthaler. At the entrance we were greated with a handful of condomes which pretty much suited the theme “One Night Stand”. The invite came along with a little creative challange where we were supposed to write a sexy little story about who we would like to spent a night with in that hotel and what we would be doing. The 10 best stories would get a room on that evening to spend the night. Our impressions after the jump.

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on September 29th, 2009
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