25/7 – Carolin Saage’s amazing Photo Book about Bar 25


photos: Carolin Saage

After the Bar 25 movie and the Bar 25 novel, a new merchandising product about the legendary club was released recently. But unlike the documentary Days out of time (where opinions diverged) and in contrast to the book Die Bar by Ju Innerhofer (which was strongly criticized), the photo book 25/7 by Carolin Saage is just wonderful. More after the jump.

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on September 18th, 2013
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Out Now: Ju Innerhofer’s Novel about Bar 25


Ju Innerhofer, photo: mediaconsult.tv

After the movie Tage außerhalb der Zeit (Days out of time) the Bar 25 now also gets a literal monument: A few days ago, the novel Die Bar by Ju Innerhofer was published. The author has worked in Berlin’s club scene for three years. In her book, she describes her experiences. More in the German version of this article.

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on June 23rd, 2013
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Early Days – Between Past and Decay


Coming Saturday the exhibition Early Days – Between Past and Decay takes off with a grand opening and afterparty at Backyard. The exhibition covers film and photography of Joi Bix, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, DT64 and Aghia Sophie. The four artists cover the subject of early days and past each in their own way. More about the exhibition after the jump.

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on January 23rd, 2013
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Robosonic & Laura Weider – Feldrecord im Zirkus

Robsonic Berlin

photo: www.iambarnie.com

In 2012, their song Worst Love was one the most popular tracks in electronic music. Now Robosonic released a new EP. For Feldrecord im Zirkus, the Berlin-based DJ duo collaborated with pianist and musician Laura Weider, who once made it into the Guiness Book of Wold Records by playing a 40 hour solo piano set (!) at Bar25. Back then, the guys form Robosonic taped the whole performance including the atmospherical sounds made by the pianist and the public alike. This material became the starting point for the new track, and the video also shows the legendary performance by Laura Weider. Check it out after the jump.

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on January 10th, 2013
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Bar 25 – Movie Trailer


I was one of the biggest Fan of the Bar 25. I think I had the most magical, romantic, funny, crazy Berlin nights at that place. Memories I will have forever. But am I ready to see the place of my own memories captured in a documentary? Not so sure if the pictures of a movie can at all capture the memories and emotions I have connected to this place. Still the Bar 25 documentary is one of  the most anticipated movies of Berlin’s youth and party culture and I will probably watch it even if the impressions of the trailer feel a little trashy. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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on April 8th, 2012
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Weekend Party Guide ( Weekend Fool )

Only one day to go, tomorrow is casual Friday and you can wear your beanies, finally. We have tickets to win, some advice for tonight and of course for Sunday and its lost souls there is a party, too. You can practically party from tonight until Monday, but who would be that foolish? And since Bar 25 is no more, one or two days are enough I guess. Ahahaah, those guys are hanging out in Mexico now, at least now you know where the entry of the tenthousand au revoir – parties went to! Good cause, well, not for you though. Our lovely handpicked parties after the jump:

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on January 26th, 2012
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Weekend Party Guide

I was told to do a party guide not related to fashion, but how could I? The Fashion Week is literally creeping into my brain, all these beautiful people who give us the honour to have a look at them. I just saw the whole German celebrity D-list at a show and I feel soo inspired now. Fashion without passion might be the best description for Berlin Fashion Week. If music is your real passion, this is your guide to Wonderland. Let the weekend begin..fashionable and unfashionable parties after the jump:

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on January 20th, 2012
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Wipe away the Tears


The weekend brings us parties at a few new venues, the end of this year’s beloved open air season, the end of summer. Wipe away the tears young friend, it’s only 6 long months of winter. Parties after the jump:

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on September 15th, 2011
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Ciao Kiki

I have the feeling that this is the summer of goodbyes! And nothing is more strange than saying goodbye to somebody who you never really met. Like the colleague that quits just at the second day of your new job. So it was strange for me to read on facebook that the Kiki Blofeld is closing for good this weekend. In my mind I was there a million times but actually I was always on the other side of the river dancing at the Bar 25. My friend used to say about Kiki: Always when I was there I felt like the people on the other side of the river have more fun. Well now it’s kind of over for both sides. Even if there is still the new little cat at the river. But Kiki Blofeld will not go without saying goodbye. This weekend there will be a lot going on. Check out the program to learn more. Well, Kiki, I wish I had known you better than just from the other side of the river. More pictures of the place after the jump.

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on August 31st, 2011
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Kater Holzig Restaurant & Cafe

photo: Katja Hentschel

Some things are so highly anticipated that the excitement has already vanished by the time it finally arrives. That was also the case for Kater Holzig which is one of the new kids from the Bar 25 staff. When it was finally opening I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be. But when I finally entered I realized that the long waiting paid off. The new terrain of pleasure looks amazing! I already have fantasies of how it will be when the initial hype is over and the fun stuff will beginn. So far I only had the chance to check out their Katerschmaus. After the jump you’ll find my review of the Kater Holzig restaurant.

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on August 12th, 2011
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