After Hours: Inside Berlin’s Techno Scene of the 2000’s

The web series “After Hours” might not be news to some of you. Actually, the documentary about Berlin’s notorious techno scene already premiered in 2009 on the web portal “”. However, when the streaming service was discontinued “After Hours” disappeared in internet limbo. Gladly, we can report that you can now watch all 12 episodes right here…

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on March 6th, 2018
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Glitter Porn – A Music Video as a Wild Berlin Sex Fantasy

”We drift in the glitter age.” That’s how iconic Berlin director Ralf Schmerberg captions his erotic music video called Glitter Porn. And you should definitely take this title literally. The inspirations are without a doubt coming from Berlins intense nightlife where glitter parties are not uncommon. I remember back in the days of the Bar 25 how a bag full of different types of glitter was not unusual to bring. And still today at certain parties or open airs and street parades glitter is a welcomed accessory.

What surprises me every time I have it with me, how much of a social catalyst glitter can be. And to be honest, some kisses with strangers I had in the last years where exchanged thanks to glitter. So even though I never had a glitter porn fantasy so far, I can totally relate to the shiny sparkly narrative of this music video for Tiefschwarz which is part of a longer sequence called Lunacy’s Children.

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on October 11th, 2017
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10 Essential Berlin Books

photo: Cee Cee

This year saw the release of a few really amazing Berlin-themed books and we thought it was about time we are compiling a list of the best of them. It’s a really diverse selection that includes Berlin guides, stories about the history of the city, photography and fashion. Some of the books were done by friends, fellow bloggers and colleagues and we are really proud of the work that they have done. Have a look after the jump for our 10 essential Berlin books that should be in all of your shelves!

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on November 19th, 2014
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Carrots, Unicorns and Vegan Burgers – A Visit to the Holzmarkt

Have you already been to the Holzmarkt? It’s the new cultural and social space that has been built on top of the former, legendary Bar 25 directly at the shore of the Spree. The Bar 25 is probably one of the most notable clubs of the post-millenium era and even though it has been closed down for years the legand never died with films and books coming out and new places opening up of people from the previous group of owners. The Kater Holzig across the Spree was one of them that was also open for a few years, and the Chalet at former Heinz Minki beer garden is yet another.

It’s pretty much a miracle that the grounds of the old Bar 25 are now back in the hands of the same people even though this area was meant to become one of the construction sites of the city developement catastrophy that is the Mediaspree. Gladly this could be prevented with the efforts of many people getting involved and maybe also some luck and good will of people in high places. The concept was far too tempting: A new cultural and social meeting point with lots of small alternative projects coming together in one place to create a little haven for those who want to escape the commercialized metropolis Berlin is slowly but surely becoming. Here you can grow your own carrots, have your children play on the adventurous playground, eat your vegan burger, watch independant theater productions and performances or simply enjoy the sunset with a view over the river Spree. And what it turned out to be is exactly that. A place that is open to everyone (without the ruthless door policy of the previous Bar 25) to come and feel a little free from everything.

I’m curious what else is going to grow at Holzmarkt as there are still some areas in construction. Right now you can also see the urban farming projects, some food stands and a bar, lots of seating and lounges, the playground, and the amazing looking Ding Dong Dom theater. I hear there are also plans for another club, artist studios and a gallery. I’m sure many events will take place there soon. Go and have a look for yourself. Some impressions after the jump.

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on June 2nd, 2014
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We Heart the First of May – A Partyguide

photo: Sel Dizman

Everybody is looking at the weather forecast like crazy these days. For obvious reasons: 1st of May, the most favorite celebration of the Berliners and the tourists visiting town is hit by numerous parties, open airs and all kinds of celebrations. We put together a couple of parties and open airs we love to go to. Also, we heard about some crazy rumors about infamous club reopenings. Anyway if you are not deadly sick or hit by a truck there is no reason to not go out on first of may and enjoy the parties, the people and the smiling city.

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on April 30th, 2014
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25/7 – Carolin Saage’s amazing Photo Book about Bar 25

photos: Carolin Saage

After the Bar 25 movie and the Bar 25 novel, a new merchandising product about the legendary club was released recently. But unlike the documentary Days out of time (where opinions diverged) and in contrast to the book Die Bar by Ju Innerhofer (which was strongly criticized), the photo book 25/7 by Carolin Saage is just wonderful. More after the jump.

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on September 18th, 2013
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Out Now: Ju Innerhofer’s Novel about Bar 25

Ju Innerhofer, photo:

After the movie Tage außerhalb der Zeit (Days out of time) the Bar 25 now also gets a literal monument: A few days ago, the novel Die Bar by Ju Innerhofer was published. The author has worked in Berlin’s club scene for three years. In her book, she describes her experiences. More in the German version of this article.

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on June 23rd, 2013
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Early Days – Between Past and Decay

Coming Saturday the exhibition Early Days – Between Past and Decay takes off with a grand opening and afterparty at Backyard. The exhibition covers film and photography of Joi Bix, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, DT64 and Aghia Sophie. The four artists cover the subject of early days and past each in their own way. More about the exhibition after the jump.

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on January 23rd, 2013
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Robosonic & Laura Weider – Feldrecord im Zirkus


In 2012, their song Worst Love was one the most popular tracks in electronic music. Now Robosonic released a new EP. For Feldrecord im Zirkus, the Berlin-based DJ duo collaborated with pianist and musician Laura Weider, who once made it into the Guiness Book of Wold Records by playing a 40 hour solo piano set (!) at Bar25. Back then, the guys form Robosonic taped the whole performance including the atmospherical sounds made by the pianist and the public alike. This material became the starting point for the new track, and the video also shows the legendary performance by Laura Weider. Check it out after the jump.

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on January 10th, 2013
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Bar 25 – Movie Trailer

I was one of the biggest Fan of the Bar 25. I think I had the most magical, romantic, funny, crazy Berlin nights at that place. Memories I will have forever. But am I ready to see the place of my own memories captured in a documentary? Not so sure if the pictures of a movie can at all capture the memories and emotions I have connected to this place. Still the Bar 25 documentary is one of  the most anticipated movies of Berlin’s youth and party culture and I will probably watch it even if the impressions of the trailer feel a little trashy. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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on April 8th, 2012
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