Berlin Nights – Our Favorite Clubs in Berlin

If there is one thing you can definitely experience in Berlin than it’s an unforgettable night. Berlin is so famous for it’s pulsating nightlife with the streets full of people moving from one bar, club, bistro and Späti to another like a big beehive. You have something for everyone here, all styles of music, fashion and fetish you can imagine. It’s a wild jungle that can be overwhelming at first but is one of the most fun places to be in the world.

We’ve been going out here now for way over 10 years and as much fun as we had it’s simply impossible to pick one special night that we could share with you. Instead, we wanna turn it around and give our readers a little advice on how to have an unforgettable night in Berlin, or more specifically: where? It’s hard to believe, with all the different guides we’ve written over the past years we never did a club guide! This needs to change so it’s happening today: We chose our 10 favorite clubs in Berlin.

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on September 18th, 2015
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Exploring Berlin: Hanging Out in Kreuzberg

Following the spirit of our Exploring Berlin series we want to look at another district today and show you our favorite places there. This time we chose the one that we are surrounded by the most as our office at Blogfabrik is located right in the middle of it. I’m talking about Kreuzberg of course, probably one of the most popular districts of Berlin at the moment.

People who come to Berlin just love it here. It’s buzzing and it’s relaxed at the same time. It offers everything from delicious food, compelling art, pulsating nightlife and cultural entertainment. But apart from all of that Kreuzberg is particularly good for one thing: Just hanging out and having a good time. So we drove around in the past days dropping by the most beloved hang-out spots of the Berliners and snapping some photos for you. By the way all of the photos in this feature have been taken with the new Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone (versus the Z1 or my SLR that I normally use) which is being presented at the IFA these days. But now let’s dive into our favorite places in Kreuzberg.

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on September 4th, 2015
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The 2 Year Pornceptual Retrospective

photos: Chris & Eric Phillips

For two years now our friends from Pornceptual have undressed Berliners for their parties, short films and photos and fought against prude and stuck up mentality and for a more liberal attitude towards sex and the human body. It’s been a fun and sexy ride to watch these guys and their project grow to what it is today and give something huge back to Berlin.

This Saturday they celebrate their 2nd anniversary party at Prince Charles and we thought it’s a good time to look back at 2 years of Pornceptual. Enjoy our little photo retrospective after the jump and don’t miss the party on Saturday. Be ready to porn…

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on August 4th, 2015
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seefashion14 Fashion Show

seefashion14 Fashion Show

On Monday of last week the students and graduates of the Kunsthochschule Weissensee unofficially opened the Berlin Fashion Week with a runway show of their work and final collections at the backyard and gallery of the Aufbauhaus in front of Prince Charles. It had to overcome some obsticles in the form of heavy rain that caused a delay, a short blackout and a slippery runway. But the designs made up for the circumstance and they delivered an interesting and diverse show with many great and inspiring looks and ideas. As we love to support young talents we want to use our platform to present you some of the work we have seen at the seefashion14 show. Enjoy our gallery after the jump on 4 pages.

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on July 14th, 2014
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The Apocalyptic Weekly Event & Party Guide

Bodi Bill

If you believe in the Mayan predictions, the end of the world is very near. You may think the idea is nothing but absurd, but if you don’t want to be sitting on your sofa when the big day comes, you gotta make sure you go out and appreciate the last hours of life. This week can be the perfect excuse to party or to get some last sips of culture  and if by some strange miracles the world doesn’t end on Friday, there is still much going on during the weekend. Decide yourself how the world is going to end with the events after the jump!

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on December 17th, 2012
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The Weekend Partyguide ( Springtime )

It’s coming, it’s practically here, the weekend and with it finally spring. Life couldn’t be better, a weekend filled with parties and sun. Wake up you marmot, go outside, soak in some air, polish these dancingshoes. Get Madonnarized, 83sized, piratized. Where to go right after the jump:

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on March 1st, 2012
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Weekend Party Guide ( bad times for pussies )

Balam Acab

Ski trousers, granny’s socks and booze is the recipe to stay warm. And hussle from the metro to your favored location and back. Pull yourself together and show some balls you pussy-whipped teen. Your ancestors had no heater, they used to be real out for free tickets on our Facebook homepage. Parties for real men and strong women after the jump:

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on February 2nd, 2012
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Weekend Party Guide ( Weekend Fool )

Only one day to go, tomorrow is casual Friday and you can wear your beanies, finally. We have tickets to win, some advice for tonight and of course for Sunday and its lost souls there is a party, too. You can practically party from tonight until Monday, but who would be that foolish? And since Bar 25 is no more, one or two days are enough I guess. Ahahaah, those guys are hanging out in Mexico now, at least now you know where the entry of the tenthousand au revoir – parties went to! Good cause, well, not for you though. Our lovely handpicked parties after the jump:

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on January 26th, 2012
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New Year’s Eve Party Guide

There it is: The last Partyguide of 2011. What first seems scary could be leading the way through a jungle of bad parties. We filter the good ones for you a´la what’s in is in. Or is not yet. Or will never be, who are we to tell you what’s in? Details on New Year Eve parties after the jump:

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on December 29th, 2011
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Pitchtuner celebrate their Birthday

Am I getting old, or why is one my favourite local berlin bands celebrating their 10th anniversary?  Nevertheless it is a great reason to celebrate. Pitchtuner has shown us for years how a band cannot just be fun and inspiring to watch and to dance with but also innovative regarding their invention of instruments and crazy soundsystem. The sweet and sexy German/Japanese couple not only rocks with crazy melodies but sings directly to your heart with their  Japanese lyrics. The party this Friday will be something to really look forward to with a Goose DJ set and several other cool acts apart to Pitchtuner. We will throw out some guestlist spots on our facebook page. After the jump you can find a flyer to the party and some really nice videos.

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on December 8th, 2011
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