Brave New Fashion: This Is The Next Generation of Berlin Designers

Berlin’s fashion scene and especially our local Fashion Week have gone through some fundamental changes in recent years. What we appreciate most about it is: It has shed the old veil of the past and presented itself in a new guise. What we have seen here in the past year brought together everything our fashion hearts desire: exceptional talents from Berlin, whose creations surprise us, captivate us, blow us away, and inspire us to dream. Believe us: we had more than one moment where we thought: “Wait, what’s happening right now? And is this really happening in good old Berlin?”

In our opinion, six labels in particular have the potential to be true game changers, not only shaping Berlin through their work but also re-establishing the city in the ranks of the international fashion scene. What impresses us most about them is their courage to break with conventions and rethink fashion. They say goodbye to superficialities and celebrate craftsmanship, individuality, sustainability, and diversity. And an equally new and fresh audience celebrated them during Berlin Fashion Week. We have the feeling that Berlin propelled itself into a new era and our favorite city is finally showing again why it can easily keep up with the big fashion metropolises of this world. 

And these are them, the next-generation designers and most exciting labels from Berlin:




Rebellious and provocative – that’s how the cool Berlin fashion label Namilia describes itself. Inspired by the spirit of rebellion of younger generations, designers Nan Li and Emilia Phohl have been capturing the Zeitgeist since 2015 by countering common norms and gender stereotypes with utopian-looking combinations that show us anything can be possible. With its mix of casual sports aesthetics and extravagant clubwear, the label has long since ceased to be an unknown entity. In addition to the international club and fashion scene, celebrities like Rihanna, Cardi B and Billie Eilish celebrate the Berlin label. Namilia is loud and deliberately opposes mainstream. The label is for everyone who is tired of being measured against societal expectations. Namilia’s message: Be yourself with all your diversity.


Photography by @maxvomhofe / @wearecollectiveinterest


Acceptance Letter Studio


Reinventing the avant-garde – that’s what designer Jakeyoung Sim sets out to do with his young label Acceptance Letter. In his garments and accessories, we find a unique concept in which sensuality and functionality do not only shake hands but embrace each other tightly. Inclusion instead of exclusiveness is what Jakeyoung Sim and his label are all about. In his current collection, based on “Hotel Infinity“, flowing fabrics meet clear cuts, lots of ruffles, and the cool retro aesthetic of collaboration partner Arts of the Working Class. Acceptance Letter shows us: Berlin has many different sides and that’s a good thing.


Photography by @callumleohughes




Eco, but aesthetic: In the style of the so-called Haderlumpers of the 18th and 19th centuries, who traveled around collecting worn-out pieces and fabric remnants to sell to the paper mills, the young fashion label Haderlump sees itself as an appreciator of precious fabrics – a clear and contemporary counter-position to mass consumption and fast fashion. Haderlump uses leftover fabrics such as jeans or leather and gives them a second life as well as a new look through upcycling processes. Johann Ehrhardt is the creative mind behind the young label, which showed one of the most impressive collections on the runway. Lots of blacks, deconstructed looks and intriguing details depict an extremely stylish look at what the world still has in store for us. So if it’s going to be the end of the world, then let’s have it in Haderlump.


Photography by @inesbahr_photography / @blurryxwine / @aslanphoto


Olivia Ballard


You are looking for clothing that adapts to you and celebrates you as you are? Then Olivia Ballard, whose last show at Berlin Fashion Week was probably the most hyped one, is the perfect fit. The self-made fashion designer founded her eponymous label just two years ago, showing that it’s time for fashion that ideally showcases every inch of our diverse and unique bodies – and that the pieces can look different on everyone. We think: She redefines the harmony between clothes and body and takes a big step toward the future.


Photography by @julientell


Dennis Chuene


The handcrafted pieces of Dennis Chuene should have their own museum. In his Berlin studio, the designer does not only craft the most beautiful embroideries, he also redefines stitching from scratch. To do this, Dennis Chuene works with re- and upcycled materials and fabrics. His fashion is most beautifully reminiscent of the traditional art of manual labor, without seeming even remotely old-fashioned. On the contrary: strong designs combined with nostalgic moments are exactly what Berlin’s streets need.


Photography by @poshpunkposhpunkposhpunk




Finding new ideas in things of the past: This is not only a core principle of recycling but also the guiding principle of the label SF1OG founded by Rosa Marga Dahl in 2019. SF1OG’s fashion combines the look of Construction Sides with the simplistic aesthetic of monochromatic color schemes. The most intriguing aspect is that you can imagine a single piece in a dozen different combinations. Considering that the designer puts special emphasis on sustainability, this unlimited functionality is definitely not a coincidence. This is fashion as we like it.


Photography by @adam_siwek



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