The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Guide for Berlin

photo: Marcel Berkmann / CC


The end is near – of the year 2017 – and isn’t it a special place to celebrate it, our beloved Berlin? This city offers so many opportunities to spend New Year’s Eve and make the best of it. The pressure is high to have the best possible time in this night, so you don’t want to make any mistakes. With our ultimate New Year’s Eve guide for Berlin we want to give you a bit of guidance how to do it right.

As for most of you NYE is pretty much an affair that can’t be had without a bit of alcohol we have teamed up with our long-term partner Absolut. We already spend Midsommar and the Lollapalooza with them this year, so why not also New Year’s? They recently revealed the new limited edition bottle Absolut Uncover that comes in a special blue wrap that needs to be peeled off. I’m sure there will be a lot of peeling off during New Year’s Eve.

For our guide we want to help you cover all aspects of this special night: how to decorate your place, what to drink, what to eat, what music to play, what entertainment to offer, where to see the fireworks, and where to party in Berlin’s clubs. You can discover all seven parts of our guide by clicking in the menu below. Enjoy! And “Guten Rutsch!” as we say in German.


Your Special NYE Menu

1) Unique Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

A special night like this should get its own unique look. We have a few decoration proposals and DIY projects for New Year’s Eve in Berlin for you.

Read more about our decoration ideas here.


2) What to Drink on New Year’s Eve

We share 5 delicious drink recipes with your that are perfect for New Year’s Eve – of course with plenty of Absolut Vodka.

Check out our drinks menu here.


3) What to Eat on New Year’s Eve

Finding the right type of food for this special occasion ain’t easy – especially when hosting multiple people. We have some simple ideas and classic NYE dishes of the Germans.

Take a closer look at our food menu here.


4) What Music to Play on New Year’s Eve

To scouted some amazing mixes and playlists from Berlin DJs and Clubs for your music entertainment.

Tune into our playlists and mixes here.


5) The Best Party Games for your NYE Party

We picked 7 fun games to play with your guests on New Year’s Eve. The are perfect for close friends or strangers to get to know each other better.

Learn more about our NYE games here.


6) Where to See the Fireworks in Berlin

One thing you shouldn’t miss is your chance to see the fireworks during New Year’s Eve in Berlin.

See where you can watch the fireworks in Berlin here.

7) Where to Party on New Year’s Eve

The options are limitless when it comes to NYE parties in Berlin, we chose some of the most reliable clubs to go to.

Go through our list of best NYE parties in Berlin here.

Happy New Year!