Exclusive Video-Premiere of MissinCat’s new video

In Berlin, people often seem to be in search of something, never wanting to rest or settle down, as if something was pushing them from inside. Sometimes, it is only when we leave a city or someone behind, that we begin to understand it and furthermore notice how precious life was with it. In fact, one of our guest authors just wrote a text about it. If a person doesn’t leave voluntarily, but has to, it changes the whole perspective of course. MissinCat‘s, aka Caterina Barbieri’s, first song „Made Of Stone” of her new album „Forces” captures that harsh feeling.

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on February 24th, 2017
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How (un)funny are Germans really?

Humor is unique and universal at the same time. One of the perks of laughing besides being, well good, is its ability to unite people and nations. You could probably say that most cultures have some similar funny bones. At least we all can always agree to laugh about something, like physical comedy. Of course there are also things that maybe some cultures would laugh about more than others – because they know where the jokes emerge from. This is where humor get’s lost in translation.

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on May 18th, 2016
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Little Big Berlin

I re-discovered this lovely Berlin video portrait by Pilpop when I was going through the archive of the Berlin Film Nights that we are doing with Mobile Kino since 2012. “Little Big Berlin” shows, quite impressively, a version of Berlin that feels like a miniature world. Obviously this is a bit of trickery here as the footage is real live footage of Berlin. The effect is quite strong and the results are really lovely. Enjoy the video after the jump.

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on July 22nd, 2015
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Berlin Escapes: Join the Explorers

The Spring is not only the time to redecorate your house, start a new affair, get a last-minute gym membership to prepare for summer time and to enjoy the first warm days, it’s also the time to plan your vacations and trips for the year. Of course we are not all going to be here in Berlin all the time and as we are a travel-eager bunch here we would like to give you a few recommendations of where to go in our Travel section.

Today we have an interesting urban exploring project for you that will lead you on a tour to the amazing European cities of Lyon, Antwerp, Bristol, Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, Budapest and Hamburg. Initiated by French footwear label Palladium the tour will follow video journalist and blogger Georgia LA from sbtv and photographer and Instagram genius Emmanuel Cole to these cities who will meet up with local insiders and discover the underground scenes and most exciting places. As you can see the tour consciously avoids the big European metropolises such as Paris, London, Rome and (well) Berlin, and instead focusses on less travelled places that are gaining more interest for contemporary travelers in recent years. We salute these choices and cannot wait to see the findings of the tour that will be published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all hashtagged with #palladiumexplorers.

On May 11, 2015, the tour will start in Lyon where our explorers will meet the guys from local webzine and visual agency Paperboys who will show them around in their city. The smiling gentlemen in the photo above is one of them, by the way. After the jump you can see a first trailer for the tour and get a first impression of Lyon. There will a few documentary films shot and lots of amazing photos taken. Everyone who is also traveling to or living in these 8 cities is welcome to join the project and give insider tips to our explorers and win amazing prices along the way.

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on May 5th, 2015
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Berlin in 1945 – A City in Ruins

We all know about the tumultuous past of Berlin and the many scars it has left on the city. We’ve all seen black and white photographs of the dark and sad history. But rarely have we seen moving pictures in colors of the time after the war when the city was in ruins and the people where shoveling through the debriss. Now a video surfaced that shows Berlin in 1945 after the war – but thanks to video retouching by the partially unreleased material is in color and high def quality. It’s quite stunning to see Berlin like this and learn a little bit more about its history. Enjoy the film after the jump.

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on May 5th, 2015
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A Poem for Berlin, Berlin

On this wonderfully sunny day I have this beautiful poetic video titled Berlin, Berlin: Autumn for you with a melancholic poem by Nehemias Colindres. Enjoy it after the jump.

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on March 20th, 2014
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The Fruit Salad – Don’t loose your Head at Fashion Week

photo: Simone Rovellini

Fashion Week has started and I am already late for my first show. This is not ok! But I had a fabulous night at the Fashion Week Opening party by Dandy Diary. It was just amazing. All these nice people dancing their little peachy asses off with me. I just had to leave early because of the fashion shows in the morning. I felt a little bit like Cinderella. Now I have to hurry. Fashion Week is not waiting for me (I tried to call them to delay the show for some minutes, but they just hung up). If you want to know how to not loose your head over Fashion Week look at the funny videos from Simone Rovellini I just found after the jump.

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on July 2nd, 2013
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Planningtorock – MIsxgyny Drxp Dead

Berlin-based experimental electronic artist Janine Rostron, aka Planningtorock has become one of the city’s most popular underground acts of the gay/lesbian scene and beyond. Only recently she released a video for her song MIsxgyny Drxp Dead, the title track of her new EP, which again is set to be released on March 8th via Human Level Recordings. Watch it below.

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on February 21st, 2013
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Love Chases

Hot couples chasing each other in the streets of Berlin, Paris, New York and London. Flirtatious looks on the beach of Cancun. And than there is the mysterious tattoo that they all seem to share. What’s that all about? All part of a puzzle? Enjoy spotting some of the Berlin locations in the video after the jump.

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on January 29th, 2013
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Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin

While the new Berlin-themed song and music video by David Bowie caused more mixed emotions rather than excitement, this new Youtube clip by visual artist Diego Agullo and WayToRussia founder Dmitry Paranyushkin perfectly captures the spirit of Berlin in a variety of aspects. To our personal amusement the video does take a long detour into Berlin’s cutlural nightlife and party scene, which of course is only one of Berlin’s many attractions. It’s funny how the repetative “Berlin” in the video at some point starts to sound like a frog, haha… Enjoy an ode to Berlin after the jump.

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on January 11th, 2013
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