A Compliment by James Franco

James Franco for Coke Light

Hollywood actor and all-round talent James Franco thinks Berlin is really sexy. That’s why he likes to come here and already had two solo art exhibitions here at Perez Projects. But he also thinks your girlfriend is sexy. And he would like to tell her that in person through a nation-wide campaign by Coke Light. I think your girlfriend might like this so have a look after the jump what he has to say to her.

Frank by Frank
on September 4th, 2014
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The Grand Finale of the EcoSport Challenge

ecosport challenge helden

Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks that have gone by since I was at the launch event of the EcoSport Challenge in Düsseldorf. At the time 8 enthusiastic teams drove off into the sunset with their brand new red Ford EcoSports and since then they have competed against each other in 6 different challenges. The challenges had the guys do some pretty funny and awkward things. They had to dress up as gorillas and buy bananas, make a crazy photoshoot, become shepherds, dance their asses off and make a battle of heroes. Now there is only 2 teams left and for the sixth and final challenge they had to do some good deeds. Now it’s up to the people voting, liking and sharing all their Instagrams, Tweets and videos and of course the challenge masters Alina from Frida Gold and Jan from Viva to give their final points. Who’s gonna win the EcoSport Challenge? Check out the videos from both teams for the final challenge after the jump and give them some support.

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on June 22nd, 2014
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Summertime is Yogatime


photo: Björn Ewers

Summer has surprisingly pop upped like a shop on Torstraße and is hopefully going to stay for a while.  Instead we would love to say goodbye to our winter bellies. They grew  around Christmas, became pregnant on Easter and have no intention to leave any time soon. Thankfully, this city is full of amazing fitness opportunities to choose from. But honestly speaking the regular sports would take quite a while to reshape us to the perfect sommer-lake-body. Extreme situation require for extreme measures. Therefore we recommend you to try Yoga and especially Hot Yoga. Going from the natural heat of the city to the artificial heat of a studio may seem absurd at first. But I reassure you that few things will make you get fit and toned again as this extreme way to exercise. Read our full yoga guide to Berlin to find out the best suited yoga studio for your kind of workout needs.  Also there will be a really big Yoga Festival here in Berlin where you can check out different workshops and yoga styles at a beautiful lake scenario. After the jump a stunning series of images that combines yoga and vivid, neon-lit typography shot by the Berlin photographer Björn Ewers. Happy Summer work out to everyone.

Claudio by Claudio
on May 23rd, 2014
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A Challenge for the Unusual


Alina Süggeler & Jan Köppen

Shooting videos of special moments, blogging about our latest adventures and taking selfies with our friends – all these disciplines of the new social media have become a normal part of our lives, just like writing a diary, sending postcards and taking analog photos used to be in the olden days. But while our old photo albums and letters to friends were only interesting to those who were close to us, our Twitter feeds and Instagram channels are now consumed by a much bigger audiences. So our pictures and words are now in competition with those of others which means we are always trying to be more creative, surprising and unusual with the impressions we share…

The new Ford Ecosport Challenge is exactly about that: Being unusual and standing out and sharing it with the world. In the last couple of weeks Alina from the band Frida Gold and VIVA host Jan have become the spokespeople for the challenge and were looking for the most creative and unusual people who were willing to share their adventures during the competition with the world. And as luck has it they did find them!

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on April 24th, 2014
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The Unexpected Casting – A Guide on how to Selfie

Alcatel ONTOUCH Selfie Kiddo

With all the current hype around the Oscar selfies, various Instagram selfie memes such as #aftersex, #iwokeuplikethis, #nomakeup, as well as elaborate feature articles about the topic in renowned newspapers and magazines it was bound to happen: a selfie casting campaign.

As already reported last week Alcatel ONETOUCH is looking for the new faces of their upcoming global advertising campaign with the help of an Unexpected Casting. To have a chance to win you only have to do one easy thing: submit your own selfies. A jury of three famous individuals will pick the best selfies amongst all the submissions. Amongst them is one expert of self-portrayal: uber-successful fashion blogger and now-celebrity Bryan Boy. I’m sure he has a thing or two to say about selfies as he has already published hundreds of them. His fellow jury members are Cool Hunting co-founder Evan Orensten, and Fake Leather founder Adriana Gastélum.

A little how-to-guide on taking the right selfie after the jump.

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on April 10th, 2014
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Generation Selfie

Alcatel ONETOUCH Unexpected Casting - Naughty

When I look around me in the streams of social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and co. it’s pretty obvious: We are living in the “Generation Selfie”. At first I was a little critical about the aspects of vanity and redundancy that came along with this new trend. But by know I have come to understand this as yet another form of communication of youth culture and our contemporary society…

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on March 31st, 2014
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Lucky Thursday: Win BEARDS Book


photo: Patrick Mettraux

If you walk around in Berlin with open eyes and with a bit of attention towards the male sex you might have noticed: People love beards here. And it’s not just a hipster thing like in many other big cities. Here in Berlin a man needs a beard, the bigger the better. Girls love, boys love it and can’t have enough of it.

I personally think that every man looks better with a beard. Certainly there are men who look amazing without it too, but surely will look even better with some facial hair. I guess it’s no coincedent that the core I HEART BERLIN team of Claudio, Devid and myself sport a beard as well. And it’s no coincedent either, that one of our favorite series on the blog is the Beard Monologues by our guest contributor Alicia Kassebohm.

So with all this beard loving it was about time that someone wrote a book about it. Apparently this is what a good friend and work mate of mine thought. Together with author Kevin Clarke he compiled a great compendium of manly beards with lots of photos and texts about the history of facial hair, the styles in different cultures and it’s meaning and appearance in pop culture and fashion. The book was released by Berlin-based publisher Bruno Gmünder and has the spot-on title BEARDS – An Unshaved History. You can win a copy now on our Lucky Thursday! They also have their own dedicated beard lover Facebook page – make sure to follow.

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on February 20th, 2014
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Lucky Thursday: Berlinale Talents Tickets


Every year the Berlinale presents cinematic masterpieces from a variety of artists. But instead of hoping those geniuses of film will fall from the sky the Berlinale also does something for the education of those on their way to stardom. The Berlinale Talents is a discussion forum for filmmakers from around the world and those simply interested in listening and learning. We are giving away 2 tickets to a couple of great panels this week! More after the jump.

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on February 6th, 2014
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Lucky Thursday: Win Überlin Book


A while ago we already introcuded you to James and Zoe from überlin in our Berlin Experts series. We love their blog and their beautiful photos and were pretty sure that they are meant to succeed and aim for more. And in the meantime this has actually become a reality: The released their first book. What I know about Germans is a compilation of over 101 tongue-in-cheek observation about Germans and their quirky habits written by Liv Hambrett with illustrations by Josh Bauman. And I can tell you that much, these are not only funny to expats who live here among us Germans, but also for us. Yupp, we do have a sense of self-irony. We are raffeling off one of these awesome books because it’s your lucky Thursday. Take a look inside the book after the jump and find out how to win!

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on January 23rd, 2014
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Merry Christmas from I HEART BERLIN & Friends


We wish you a happy Christmas. And some of our friends and people we like do too :) Some merry greetings after the jump.

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on December 24th, 2013
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