10 Most Amazing Event Locations in Berlin

Berlin’s vibrant life is obviously powered by its colorful characters, but it really wouldn’t the same without some of the unique event locations that can be found all around town. An erstwhile power plant, the former State Mint, or old industrial buildings are just a few examples of the spaces available to event organizers in our city. Read about the 10 most amazing Berlin venues that will add an exceptional flair to any party or other forms of gathering.

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on October 16th, 2018
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#Unteilbar – Berlin Marches Against Hate and Xenophobia

242,000 people marched against the right-wing last Saturday. The iHeartBerlin team took part and has some pictures for you.

“Solidarity, not exclusion – for a free and liberal society,” the unifying motto of the “Unteilbar” (inseparable) initiative lead a massive crowd of people out on the streets six kilometers across the capital from Alexanderplatz to Siegessäule. “Tens of Thousands Protest Racism and Discrimination in Berlin”, “240,000 demonstrate against hate and xenophobia”, “March against far-right draws huge crowds in Berlin”, “It’s finally a united movement”, headlines like these popped up all over the world the last few days. It’s a symbol of hope during otherwise gloomy days that not only Berlin needed, but the whole world. And we want to say thank you. Thank you, Berlin. We all needed that.

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on October 16th, 2018
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Because We Love You: Naked Interventions in the Subway

photos: Abdulsalam Ajaj

Meet the Berlin-based artist creating his own, undressed version of the BVG’s ‘Because We Love You’ campaign.

Deliberately provocative, Mischa Badasyan is known for unusual art projects in photography, film or performance art. The Russian-born multidisciplinary artist is stepping over graphic, ethical and legal lines to move his viewer to reflect the society and the politics we live in. After moving to Berlin in 2013, his project “Save The Date” (2014) put him on the critics’ map, raising the age-old question: What is art, and is this art?

During his project, in between self-experiment, performance piece, and social study, he slept with a different man every day for a year. The project dealt with the absurd ways we seem to seek a brief feeling of proximity in blind dates and one night stands, that’s only followed by painful emptiness. “Only through pain we are able to learn something truly honest,” Badasyan told MAZ during the project.

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on October 11th, 2018
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The Sexfluencers of Berlin: Meet 10 Influencers Fighting Censorship

photo: Sam Morris

These ten women and men aren’t afraid to expose their naked bodies to fight against stigmas around sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

It’s a struggle for freedom of expression on a slippery slope. With their work these brave ten blur the lines of art, pornography, sex work, political activism, or what’s considered “professional” work. They face the dangers that come with the openly sexual nature of their work or digital persona. Their explicit representation on and offline is not a green card to sexual consent, what sounds like a no-brainer is something many people do not understand. “I’ve found myself in some very dangerous, and uncomfortable situations,” our cover model Sam Morris told Gay Times, “I have been sexually blackmailed, assaulted, verbally harassed, and raped. These situations have involved photographers, prolific magazine editors, and other gay men I’ve met along the way.” Physical harassment, slut-shaming, and tensions in personal relationships are something all of them have encountered but they found ways to deal with these situations. For erotic filmmaker and performer Anarella Martínez-Madrid, it’s as simple as this: “If being a slut means being able to enjoy your sexual life, and get to know yourself better, then I am a slut”.

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on October 9th, 2018
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Berlin Illuminated in Moving Colors: The Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights always stuns me with how it manages to mobilize such a huge amount of Berliners to come out of the house at night when the temperatures are already getting lower and it would just be so much more comfy to cuddle up at home. If you walk along any of the trails of the festival you will encounter so many other people walking around discovering the many light art projections all over the city it feels like the night becomes day – and a busy one at that.

Until October 14th every night from 19-23h you will be able to discover countless projections – many also animated with elaborate mappings that embrace the architecture and details – at various buildings in the city such as the TV tower, the Humboldt Forum, the Berliner Dom, several buildings around Bebelplatz, the Brandenburger Gate, the high rises at Potsdamer Platz, etc.

This year’s highlight was for sure the show at Brandenburger Gate that illustrates the cultural exchange of Berlin with the rest of the world and the 4th world championship of video mapping that you can see at the middle tower at Potsdamer Platz. For the first time, we also took the lift up to the Panorama Punkt to see everything from above. Really worth it (and open until 21h for the duration of the festival). Now enjoy some impressions of this year’s Festival of Lights.

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on October 9th, 2018
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Iconic French Street Artist JR takes over Brandenburger Tor

After having left a mark in 2013 with his eye-catching street art pastings “Wrinkles of the City” all over Berlin, the world-wide famous French artist JR has reappeared in Berlin, with a new inspiring installation.

In order to celebrate Germany’s Reunification Day on the 3rd of October,  JR recreated a representative scene to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the celebration of freedom. The installation is a photo collage set on the west side of the Brandenburg Gate, whose visual impact is remarkable, given its more than 25 meters high. The strength of the work of art is given by its composition: a picture from the Reunification Day representing people standing together on the top of the Wall has been built in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

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on October 1st, 2018
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Unseen Westeros: A Game of Thrones Exhibition in Berlin

Would you ever think that Reinickendorf and Game of Thrones could have anything in common? Well, neither would we and yet Berlin managed to surprise us once again! Unseen Westeros is a 5-day exhibition that comes to Berlin in January and that no Game of Thrones fan would ever want to miss. And by the way: the entry’s free!

The exhibition is a huge project that 40 international artists have been working on for 3 years. The astonishing result is 80 pieces that will let you immerse into the fantastic world of Game of Thrones landscapes. Urban explorers will be excited to find out that the exhibition will be hosted in a historical industrial hall in Reinickendorf.

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on September 30th, 2018
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Meet the Artists from Urban Nation

As one of the newest museums in the city and with a focus on such a young and developing genre the team of Urban Nation, Berlin’s first permanent museum for contemporary urban art and street art, have a lot of explaining and educating to do. While urban and street art is still fighting for recognition in the otherwise quite elitist world of contemporary art the wide audience of the art enthusiasts and art-curious have long embraced it – especially because this particular genre of art is so open and accessible on various levels.

With their artist in residence program, Urban Nation is continuing on that path of making art, the artist and the artistic progress accessible to everyone who is interested – no matter if they are an art collector or curious grandmother. Embracing the fact that the house the museum was constructed in used to be a regular residential building, part of it is still occupied by apartments that function as living studios for the artists participating in the residencies. Right now the first batch of artists has finished their time and open their apartments for the public to see the results of their work. What you step into is not just a regular apartment or artist studio, they are like little art installations almost as if you were to step into the mind of the artist. It’s a great way to understand more about the creation process and the personal aspects of the works. If you are lucky that the artists are there at the moment of your visit you will also get to chat with them about their motivations, techniques and artistic visions.

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on September 28th, 2018
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Berliners Love Italian Food – The True Italian Food Festival

photos: Jule Müller

Some love art and some love pasta. We love both. So switching between fancy art events and delicious Italian cuisine might be a challenge in the next few days of Art Week for us.

The reason: the True Italian Food Festival is in town and is bringing lots of amazing restaurants together in one big food event. The idea is to offer a special regional dish with a drink for only 7 EUR. Very convenient for shy foodies who usually might not try the craziest thing on the menu.

Today the festival hits off and goes on until Sunday. Check here for the list of participating restaurants and go on a food adventure with your friends and lovers.

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on September 27th, 2018
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These Berlin Girls are Redefining Waste-Free Design

photo: Andrej Russkovskij

The fashion industry is believed to be one of the most toxic businesses for our environment. Billions of clothes are produced every year and in the process, lots of chemicals and dirt gets thrown into our rivers and oceans. But the saddest part is: most of it will maybe only last one or two seasons before it gets thrown into the garbage bin, and a large portion of the produced clothes that was never sold will get destroyed without having ever been worn. This is the shocking truth that everybody knows but everybody also wants to ignore when it comes to their personal needs.

This is not the case for Hanna and Julia. The two Berlin-based designers and Yoga lovers saw an important opportunity in clothes waste to make a difference with an amazing idea: Why not use the strong fabric of old jeans to create new bags for your yoga mat?

With this concept, they created the brand Dzaino which is nowadays making more products beyond their signature yoga bags. For their crowdfunding campaign, they asked me and other Berlin-based people why sustainable local design is so important and why it’s worth supporting. I think the most important part of this projects is to show that in cities like Berlin alternative concepts of multinational brands are tested and can become a reality. A reality that we really need to save our planet. Check out their video and pics of the campaign below and support them here.

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on September 26th, 2018
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