10 Years of Berghain Exhibition

Berghain Halle

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years now since I went to Berghain for the first time. Time flies! Even though I had also been to previously legendary techno clubs such as the old Tresor, Casino, Ostgut and the original Panorama Bar, WMF and the old Maria I have to admit that even I was impressed when I walked into this amazing building with its unique architecture, interior design and integrated art that can’t be compared with anything else. It was to be expected that this would become one of the worls most renowned clubs. Next week, on Thursday August 7th 2014, Berghain is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a huge exhibition at their Halle, the huge space that is on the right side of the building and that they sadly rarely use for public events. Artists Norbert Bisky, Marc Brandenburg,  Ali Kepenek, Sven Marquardt, Carsten Nicolai, Piotr Nathan, Friederike von Rauch, Sarah Schönfeld, and Viron Erol Vert will show a wide range of genres including painting, photography, installation and sculpture. We can be looking forward to a spectacular show in a spectacular setting I am sure. After the jump you can get an impression of what these artists have created in the past. Of course their work for the Berghain exhibition titled 10 is still kept secret. You can visit the exhibition from the 7th until the end of August.

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on July 31st, 2014
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The Anaglyph 3D Fashion Show in Animated GIFs

The Anaglyph 3D Fashion Show in Animated GIFs

For me one of the most stunning events of the recent Berlin Fashion Week was the Anaglyph show at Heimathafen Neukölln. Not only was it at amazing venue for a fashion show, but also the designs were great and the projected 3D stereoscopic animations accompanying the choreography of the models were really spectacular.

It’s been a while that I made a animated GIF photo set of a fashion show, but this one was calling for it. So I hope I’m bringing a new dimension to this otherwise already fully loaded presentation. Enjoy the animated photos as well as a little video documentation about the Anaglyph project after the jump. By the way, if you happen to have a pair of stereoscopic 3D glasses (the ones that have one red and one blue glass, not the grey ones from the cinema) than you will actually be able to see the 3D effect in my photos and GIFs.

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on July 30th, 2014
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After 16 Hours of Techno – A Series of Berghain Portraits

Berghain Portraits

photos: Philipp Pusch

If you would even dare to try to take party photos at Berghain you would probably be banned to hell or worse. I’ve seen furious bar tenders leap over the counter to kick people out who took photos of each other with their smart phones. But luckily they can’t prohibit any kind of photography outside of their sacret premise so taking pictures of the people in front of the club is a good alternative. Recently a photoset of the people in the cue of Berghain made the rounds on the internet. And today we have a brand new one for you by young photographer and communications designer Philipp Pusch who stationed himself several weeks in front of the famous club with his middle format camera to portrait the people who went home after 8, 12 or 16 hours in the techno tempel. The result is a beautiful black and white series of 16 portraits of the young and charismatic Berghain goers who look surprisingly good after all these hours of dancing. Enjoy the series after the jump.

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on July 29th, 2014
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Desire Will Set You Free – A New Berlin Film

desire will set you free 03

Considering that Berlin is such a hyped city I’m actually quite surprised that there are not more movie projects about it. With Ecke Weserstraße we already got a new series dedicated to our city exploring the life of a group of young people living in Kreuzkölln trying to make it here. But the brand new Desire Will Set You Free could potentially become the next big Berlin movie. With a quick glance at the trailer we get to see all the typical ingredients that already made Berlin Calling such a big success: Nightlife, romance, sex, drugs and a little bit of rebellious behavior, all of that mixed with some queerness and star power by Nina Hagen and Peaches. My favorite scene so far however is the one with the old man sitting in the cupcake shop of my friend Dawn talking about what old people like to see – a nice contrast to the otherwise mostly hedonistic scenes.

Director Yony Leyser says that his film is about contemporary life in Berlin and while some viewers might be sceptical that this film once again seems to reduce Berlin to sex, drugs and parties, I remain quite curious about what this particular life will look like. I think between the lines it’s going to be about more than just sweat and dancing. While the makers are currently still seeking financial support for the postproduction the final film is scheduled for a release in Fall or Winter of this year. Get a preview after the jump.

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on July 28th, 2014
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25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall – 25 Berlin Companies


The fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November of 1989 was one of the most drastic changes in the history of Berlin. The reunification of the divided city was not only a political and social change but also the beginning of a new economic perspective for Berlin. Since then a lot has changed. Start-ups and young small companies have settled down in Berlin because of its fertile and creative ground. These changes not only bring new jobs for the inhabitants but also a more positive spirit for the future of the city.

One new project of the Berlin administration wants to focus on the creative and innovative people behind all the great companies settling in Berlin. Therefore 25 business will get a lot of positive attention in a city-wide countdown. You have a small business here or are working for a company which is positively connected to Berlin? Then you should definitely apply until July 31 to take part in this unique campaign. You only need to fill in this online questionnaire and inspire with your personal business story. You can find all the details about the project here.

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Berlin Alternative Fashion Week – A Preview

TataChristiane AW14-15

Tata Christiane

It was about time: Berlin is getting an alternative fashion event for the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The first edition of the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is happening in the first week of October 2014 and will include an array of events on several days such as fashion presentations, a designer market, TEDx talks and fashion parties. The fashion that is being showcased and sold here is quite different from what we are used to from the official Berlin Fashion Week that usually happens in January and July each year. The organizers of the event describe it as alternative while I like to call it avant-garde, progressive and artistic. One of our favorite carzy Berlin designers is going to be part of the show: Tata Christiane, as well as a couple of really excentric international designers and Berlin newcomer Alles. So far only 8 of the participating designers have been revealed on the brand new website with more to come in the following weeks. To celebrate the start of a new platform for Berlin’s creative fashion scene the makers are throwing a big launch party this Friday at Urban Spree. Come by get a taste of what’s to come in October. Get a preview of the first announced designers after the jump.

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on July 24th, 2014
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Type Hype – Milk and Typography Products

Type Hype Concept Store_Bildquelle Ailine Liefeld-7804

photos: Ailine Lietfeld

Mitte has a fabulous new place for coffee at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße. But Type Hype is not just about coffee, even tough theirs is really nice. The new concept store by the label of the same name is specialized in typography-related product design, so you will find things such as pillows, posters, wine bottles, mugs and stationary with big letters in different styles on it. Such a simple idea, but the design is so contemporary and clever that you just want to stack up on the A, B and Cs and decorate your home with it. By the way, you can only see a small selection of the width of products and letters in the shop. On the Type Hype website you can get much more as well as order sets of products with your own letter combinations. Get some first impressions of the beautiful shop after the jump along with the details.

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on July 23rd, 2014
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Reif – An Exhibition of the Weißensee Graduates 2014

Reif – An Exhibition of the Weißensee Graduates 2014

After all the different fashion graduates shows of last week we are now moving onward to the work of the art students. This past weekend several universaties and schools had open doors to exhibit the work of their students and graduates. The Kunsthochschule Weißensee opened their graduates exhibition on Friday at the Kühlhaus at Gleisdreieck (those fashion experts amongst you know this place from SEEK). The exhibition titled Reif is still going on until the end of the week with a few special events on the weekend and you should definately check it out as there is some great art to be seen. For me personally I liked it better the higher I went in the building. They actually use the entire space, all 5 floors and the backyard so there is a lot to discover and the art ranges from sculpture, installation, film, photography and painting. My absolute favorite was the toy man by Aimo Gräven which you can see in the detail shot above. Enjoy more impressions after the jump on 2 pages.

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on July 22nd, 2014
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MIDI – The HTW 4th Semester Fashion Show

MIDI – The HTW 4th Semester Fashion Show

photos: Olga Khristolyubova

After the UdK and the Weißensee fashion shows I would like to now come to the one school that I used to study at (though not in the design department): The HTW. They don’t really have a graduates show like the other schools, but the 4th semester design students have been independantly organizing their own show for a while now. This year it was called MIDI and took place at the new Kiki Blofeld in Schöneweide, not too far from the HTW school. The HTW is mostly known to be the most technical and industry-oriented of the three public universities where you can study fashion in Berlin. This doesn’t mean that the students there are less experimental and daring with their designs. Especially in the early semesters there is a lot of room to go wild. So the 4th semester show has been once again an interesting mix of ideas and styles. We sent our contributing photographer Olga to capture some impressions for you. Enjoy!

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on July 21st, 2014
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UdK Schau 2014 – Graduates Show & Backstage

UdK Schau 2014 – Graduates Show & Backstage

photo: Alicia Kassebohm

Probably the most talked about of all the graduate shows of Berlin Fashion Week is the one from the UdK. It’s Berlin’s most experimental fashion school and one of the most renowned ones in Germany. Their graduates show is the only one that is part of the official Berlin Fashion Week and it takes place on the official runway of Mercedes-Benz. In the past years the UdK show hasn’t always been my favorite one, Weißensee and ESMOD also have some great talents that have shown amazing stuff. But this year the show was really amazing. Our guest author Alicia Kassebohm took a look behind the scenes and made some backstage photos for you that you can see after the jump. On the second page we also have a best of from the runway show with photos by Corina Lecca courtesy of the UdK.

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on July 18th, 2014
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