The Coolest Design Maps of Berlin


As you know big cities like Berlin can be confusing places and with lots of indecipherable street names and uncharted territories. It’s so easy to go wrong here and that’s why people invented maps. Obviously for the people in Berlin a regular old map won’t do, it needs to be artsy and designy. Luckily with so many talented graphic designers in town (and passing through) that doesn’t come as much of a problem. There are heaps of cool maps that will please the eye and even prove practical for navigating through the city. We selected our favorite ones, including accurate and imaginary, as well as practical and decorative ones. Enjoy our little collection of design maps of Berlin.

Frank by Frank
on April 21st, 2015
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Ramificazioni – An Art Project Portraying the Italian Expats of Berlin


All photos: Maria Silvano

The new arriving people see Berlin as a promise, as a forest of stories sometimes open and sometimes inpenetrable. The migration dynamics of a Europe without borders are not fundamentally very different from those of the previous century: there are the same dreams of luck and prosperity, the same desire for a better life and a longing for what has been left behind that -it is known- is exacerbated with time.

“Ramificazioni” (Ramifications) is Maria Silvano’s point of view on her new city, Berlin. She took portraits and gathered the voices of fellow Italian migrants who moved to the German capital during the last years. They spoke about their deep and faraway roots, their desires and wishes to see their hopes bloom. Looking into the eyes of this hopeful young men and women involved in amazing projects you hope that they will find a fertile ground in Berlin.

The work consists of 13 photos and is accompanied by a soundtrack in which the voices of the photographed subjects overlap each other: problems of pronunciation and inflections language can be composed to create a forest of voices. Enjoy the pictures after the jump and find out the dates of the exhibition.

Claudio by Claudio
on April 14th, 2015
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A Vision of Berlin, Paris and Moscow

Alexandr Kulikov

photo: Alexandr Kulikov

Paris, Berlin and Moscow are three cities that are substantially different, but they do have some things in common. They are places that are in motion and constant evolution. Paris-Berlin-Moscow is an international project that offers a contemporary view of the artistic creation in those three cities. It brings together multi-disciplinary work by artists from these cities showing the parallels, similarities and differences of these places. After the jump we want to present you a part of the Berlin-themed works from a couple of young photographers who captured their visions of Berlin.

Their work will be shown in the Berlin leg of the exhibition of the same name that accompanies the project and will take place in all three cities. It will open tonight and will run from April 13 – 19, 2015 in the SMAC gallery in Mitte.

Frank by Frank
on April 13th, 2015
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A New Art Porn Film: Porn Rituals by Pornceptual


photo: Chris Phillip

In case your libido has been hibernating all Winter the art collective and party organizers of Pornceptual are finally back from Brazil for us to remind you what it’s been missing. In promotion of their up”cumming” Porn Rituals Party this Saturday they shot a really nice art porn film that is inspired by Pagan Spring rituals celebrating fertility and the lasciviousness of this city. Enjoy the sexy short film after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on April 10th, 2015
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Contemporary Architecture in Berlin

arch - anna seghers (Hans Christian Schink) 1

photo: Hans Christian Schink

Berlin is internationally recognized for many things, though contemporary architecture doesn’t seem to be one of them. As the building ground for many notable buildings with a rich history and the Bauhaus theories as prominent architectural influence, explorations in postmodern design didn’t come into play until later on. With postmodernism gaining steam among many architects in the second half of the 20th century, Berlin didn’t see the emergence of structures boasting more aesthetic appeal than its modernist predecessors until the late 80s. By assimilating the order and regulation of classical architecture into new forms and using fragments of the turbulent past to build Berlin’s present structure and identity, our city boasts the unique structures of two competing ideologies. The evolution of this contemporary metropolis has since brought forth the likes of David Chipperfield, Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Rem Koolhaas and many more as anti-vernacular, innovative architects who pushed past boundaries to produce aspirational works. With many building proposals already in the works to be realized in the coming years, it’s time to discover (or revisit) some of the most interesting architecture in Berlin. Leaving out already well-established landmarks like the Jewish Museum and Memorial, the Reichstag, the Philharmonie, and the Neue Nationalgalerie, I’ve compiled a list of attention-grabbing design that just might change the way you see Berlin. Click on to check them out!

Skylar by Skylar
on April 9th, 2015
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Scars of Berlin


Berlin is a city with a complicated history that left it with many scars. It was destroyed in the war, for a long time divided by a wall and since than struggling with a weak economy that sets it back compared to the rest of Germany. The scars are all over the city – some of them physical and you can touch them like cracks in the concrete, others are invisible, but you can feel them in the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the city.

Jozef Ibarr is trying to draw a parallel between the scars of the city and the scars of the people who live in it with his new photo series. He has been fascinated with scars and the stories behind them for a while now, but since he came to Berlin his interest in the topic has grown even more. For his series he collects real physical scars in the streets and their human counterparts in the flesh of the people he meets here. He is still looking for more scars here, so if you have one that you would like to share a story about, get in touch with him. After a jump a few scars from his series.

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on April 8th, 2015
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Satisfaction – The Work of Joseph Marr

Together at Berghain

We’ve already teased this upcoming exciting exhibition by Australian artist Joseph Marr in our feature about the creation process of his amazing work. But now it’s time to take a closer look at his new solo show Satisfaction that will open at the Michael Reid Gallery tomorrow evening. Those of you who have seen his work in other shows or under the bar counter of the Berghain bar know that his objects are quite stunning to look at. Translucent naked bodies of men or women in bright colors, often sexy or even explicitly sexual as in the famous piece Together that will be shown at the gallery for the first time outside of Berghain. The special thing about Joseph’s objects is that they are molded entirely out of sugar. His material has great symbolic meaning: The sweetness of it is what we are craving for, almost addicted to. We want so much of it until we are stuck on it with our fingers and get sick of it. But the addiction is not over, as the craving for it will kick in later again. It’s the predicament of getting satisfaction out of something that is not good for us.

Don’t miss the opening Thursday night at Michael Reid. The exhibition will run from April 7 until beginning of May with a finissage during the Gallery Weekend on May 3, 2015. Some impressions after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on April 1st, 2015
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Jake the Rapper meets Ben&Julia

cookie jar

One of the most hilarious music videos of recent history comes straight from Berlin from the crazy artist duo Ben&Julia. It’s for the song Cookie Jar by Traffic Sings featuring Berlin-legend Jake The Rapper. It’s totally insane and we love it. These cookies are out of control! Enjoy it after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on March 28th, 2015
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Giant – 11 Performers, 22 Lights, 33 Hours in Studio 44

GIANT at Studio44

How can I describe something like GIANT? After dropping by Studio 44 today, an endless list of adjectives came to mind; though they all sounded so equivocal the self-proclaimed “performative installation” began to lose meaning. It’s a piece spanning 33 hours between March 26-29th, featuring 5 main artists (including the always-radiant, outspoken and hilarious Tatiana Saphir aka The Fruit Salad) and many guests. The work explores spatiotemporal ideas, immersing the audience in such a formless way the line between performer and spectator quickly disappear. In many ways, the artists don’t seem to be performing at all but rather using theatrical situations to speculate discourse, which they process through engagement with each other, as well as material objects. Over the course of 33 hours, there are scheduled guest appearances, which turned out to be the only way I had any concept of time in there. I walked in expecting to take some photos and stay an hour or two to chat about the concept behind their work, but instead walked out 5 hours later, extremely content with what I had just experienced, and time was the last thing on my mind. You can find out more about GIANT and see the photos from yesterday’s run after the jump.

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on March 27th, 2015
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A Berlin Diary – Sholem Krishtalka Exhibition


You might have noticed that lately we found several talented Berlin illustrators who have shown us their perspective on the city. Today I am glad to present you one particular artist who I have been following for quite a while. Sholem Krishtalka, is a Canadian illustrator and author and in my opinion one of the most talented storytellers of this city. He moved to Berlin nearly one and a half years ago and already created 30 short comic strips telling about his life in Berlin and his travels to other places in Europe. The short comics are little emotional journeys of a gay expat man here in Berlin, but I think that nearly everybody, no matter if gay or straight can relate to the tales of strange encounters happening in there. Some of the stories deal with general troubles, like finding a flat, others are more specific to the gay community. But all in all you realize that the comics are as unique as Berlin and no other place could have provided a better background for them. On Saturday, March 21, there will be an exhibition of Sholems dairies at the at SCHMIDT & HANDRUP gallery. Read a statement of the artist and all the details of the exhibition after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on March 20th, 2015
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