Fvck War! A 10 Inch Penis Statue Made of Molten Weapons

photos: Magali Caillard

This hefty statue is an anti-war protest and a loud, unapologetic celebration of love, which are two things we’re totally into at iHeartBerlin. Better still, there’s more to it than meets the eye – beyond its simple yet enticing form and the significant message, this piece of work will amaze you in more ways than one.

What does the ”Fuck War” statue actually stand for? According to its creators from AKT Jewels, a Geneva-based team consisting of engineers, designers, and craftsmen, it’s supposed to be ”a way to turn war into a laughing stock”. The creators also maintain the piece is inspired by a quote from an iconic figure that incidentally has a special connection with Berlin – Iggy Pop.

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on September 4th, 2018
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Josefine Aspvik’s Witty Illustrations of the Berlin Techno Scene

Partying in Berlin is a whole thing. The ritual of preparing yourself for a long weekend of non-stop techno has its own steps and rules. For the techno lovers and night creatures, it’s like a sacred ceremony of the modern days. It takes time and money that not all Berliners can’t really afford to spend. But in the techno tribe, too much is never enough. They have consecrated themselves to the Club God and they are ready to give it all. For some people it seems almost impossible to get out of the spiral of techno, that drew them in over and over again.

The young Berlin-based illustrator Josefine Aspvik has perfectly captured the absurdity of taking yourself too seriously. Her drawings are honest and witty and I’m sure you’ll recognize in them that friend that refuses to meet if not at Berghain.

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on August 29th, 2018
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A Guide to the Portuguese Community in Berlin

photo: Claudia Kahnt

Berlin wouldn’t be the melting pot brimming with inspiration that we love if it wasn’t for the international influences from expats that never cease to shape the city with their artistic vision. The time has come to highlight the creative masterminds in the Portuguese community in Berlin. Get ready to meet a diverse crew of uninhibited artists – photographers, writers, digital illustrators, musicians – who aren’t afraid to experiment and venture beyond the conventions. By the way, we’ve asked around and got the top recommendations on where to get Portuguese wine and their famous Pastel de Nata – make sure you scroll to the bottom!

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on July 25th, 2018
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A Portrait Series Capturing the Unique Personalities of Berliners

photos: Marga van den Meydenberg

Dutch photographer Marga van den Meydenberg has a mission: to photograph as many unique Berlin personalities as possible in her popup photo studio in Berlin. In her own words “every human being is unique and therefore a piece of art.” And this is totally true, you can see that each Berliner has added their own and unique point of eccentricity to each picture. I can even glimpse a Dalí influence in the approach of this project.

Funny, surreal, colorful, unexpected… and above all: spontaneous. Every portrait is a new surprise, a different story. Marga sees every photo as an experiment to discover how far she can go with the model. In the end, the collaboration between artist and model is the best way to create unforgettable moments. When you enter the studio, time doesn’t matter, leave your hurries behind, be willing to share all your creativity and don’t be afraid to give it a try. The more personality you show, the better.

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on July 18th, 2018
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The Viktoriapark Waterfall Overflowing with Naked Bodies

photos: Abdulsalam Ajaj

Victoria Park is one of my favorites places in Berlin. Being able to have that beautiful green spot around the corner in a huge city like this is a true luxury. Especially because of the stunning view of the waterfall and the streets you can enjoy when you get to the top. So it’s no wonder that this spot was chosen to create a compelling and sensual artistic piece.

“Waterfall” is a human installation of naked bodies that cover the path that the water follows. Bodies that lay down naked next to each other, intertwined. Now the naked bodies are the water that runs down that magnificent waterfall. Together they become an endless entity of freed skin that occupies the wild landscape. They have become nature.  The responsible creator behind this compelling work is Mischa Badasyan, a Russian artist and activist based in Berlin. The photos of the human installation were taken by Abdulsalam Ajaj.

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on July 16th, 2018
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Contemporary Wanderlust – The Antithesis to Romanticism


Today we would like to stimulate your minds with an interesting new exhibition that is currently on display at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin-Mitte. Curated by the aff Galerie from Berlin the show presents the work of the three photo artists Arno Schidlowski, Jens Sundheim, and Kathrin Tschirner with the themes of Wanderlust and Romanticism at its core.

For me, the topic of Romanticism has a very special meaning because one of the main artists of this era, Caspar David Friedrich, is from the same city like me, Greifswald, and some of his major works were inspired by places from or around my hometown. In my childhood, I have often been on the near-by island Rügen where Friedrich painted the iconic chalk cliffs – a natural landmark that is currently disappearing due to natural erosion.

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on July 10th, 2018
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When Art Becomes Therapy: An Immersive Experience in Berlin

One of my favorite things about living in Berlin is the ridiculous amount of kooky events available at any given time. In the last month I’ve attended a Kundalini Active Meditation (where you literally “shake” your body whilst standing for a solid 15 minutes in a room full of strangers), danced from music from all over the world (Karnival de Kulturen) while ending at a open air rave in the middle of one of my favorite parks (Hasenheide), and attended an immersive art/dance performance/therapy session by the Mexican American artist Jazmin Medrano. 

Because I’ve lived in Berlin for three years now, nothing really shocks me anymore. Once I went to the infamous Berghain club alone and was approached by a normal enough looking man wearing only tennis shoes and a leather harness on his chest. “I can massage your feet if you want,” he offered. “No thanks, I don’t feel like taking off my shoes,” I replied truthfully.

on June 27th, 2018
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Berlin without Offices – A Conference about the Future of Workspaces


Can you imagine the city of Berlin without office buildings? Everybody working remotely, only having their weekly or monthly meetings at a cafe or somewhere else? This would bring the city lots of more spaces for living and more spaces for culture and creativity. Not so bad in the end, huh?

Thinking about the future, not as an obstacle but rather a variety of opportunities is the task of the upcoming speculative laboratory “The Workhouse” by design brand USM in collaboration with UNstudio.

For a period of six weeks, the innovative furniture company will create a post-work utopia in which work and life merge together.  For the opening weekend on June 2nd, there will be a small conference starting the laboratory. If you want to go, it’s your lucky day since we are raffling off 2×2 tickets. Find out how below.

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on May 30th, 2018
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#FreiheitBerlin – A Monument for the Freedom in Berlin


One of the things that everyone tells me when I ask them what they think is special about Berlin is the sense of freedom here. Having lived here for such a long time I often tend to take it for granted, not realizing how it’s actually quite special to be able to wear whatever you like, love whoever you want, work in whichever job you want to – and generally be free in many more ways. But the moment I hear from people from other cities or countries, or when I personally set foot in them, I remember how privileged we are in Berlin.

To celebrate this freedom the city has set itself its own freedom monument in the shape of an installation in front of Hauptbahnhof. Designed by the prestigious architecture office GRAFT the monument reads out #FreiheitBerlin (freedom Berlin) which also functions as a social media hashtag so people can share their own thoughts about the freedom in Berlin on various social media platforms. So far over 9000 people have already shared the hashtag.

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on May 19th, 2018
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Berlin is Getting Over 30 Awesome New Street Art Murals

After Berlin epically embraced and celebrated the unique art installation “The Haus” in 2017,  it was about time for another larger than life urban art project to hit Berlin’s scene (and have it all wet in anticipation). Berlin Art Bang e.V. – the creators of “The Haus” – have thought of something equally special to keep the urban art spirits soaring: large, breathtaking brand new street art murals, all over the city.  

About 100 artists were invited to grace Berlin’s dirty old walls with 30 new mind-blowing murals, that turn the city into a big open air gallery for the very first Berlin Mural Fest that took place in May 2018 with artists like Ben Wagin, Arsek & Erase, Herakut, Stohead, Saturnoart, Semor, Tasso, Akteone & Cren, Saturno, One Truth, Insane 51, The Weird, Quintessenz und Mr. Woodland and also Klebebande.

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on May 18th, 2018
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