Wie man sich selbst in Berlin finden kann

Generell mag ich es sehr an Berlin, dass man hier Leute mit verschiedensten Ansichten treffen kann. Jedoch gibt es einen Satz, den ich gar nicht hören mehr kann. Sogar wenn ich einfach Small Talk auf einer Party führe, raste ich aus, wenn jemand sagt: “Aber eigentlich ist Berlin kein guter Ort um sich niederzulassen“. Jeder mag von Berlin ja halten, was er will. Aber ich sehe das ganz anders. Denn für mich ist Berlins Nachtleben leider keine Ausrede für fehlende Verantwortung. Was ich damit meine, und wie du dich doch in Berlin selbst finden kannst, schreibe ich im englischen Teil.

Michalina by
on September 11th, 2017
updated on September 11th, 2017
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5 Responses to “Wie man sich selbst in Berlin finden kann”

  1. Boonyi Says:

    Thank you Michalina for your insightful and much needed article.

    There is this narrative out there that in Berlin stable relationships are doomed to failure and your life plans are inevitably going to be hijacked. This mantra may be appealing to many, but I find it untrue and disrespectful. Berlin is so much more than that. Berlin is who you are, it returns your reflection like a mirror. If you want stability, you can have it. Many Berliners have long-time partners and lead Berghain-free lives.

  2. Michalina Says:

    Thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad you can relate.

  3. A Says:

    …or have long-time partners and Berghain every weekend together…

  4. Boonyi Says:

    Yes, absolutely!

  5. JulianD Says:

    I think Berlin, as well as any other city, will be how and what you want it to be. Of course there’s this Berlin mythic fame about techno, drugs, arts and sex. But that doesn’t mean the city is limited to that.
    I came here for the start-up scene. No Berghain, no speed, no orgies. I spent more time in offices and coffee shops than in bars and clubs. And I love it so far. Times change, cities change and people change. Berlin is much more than the Berlin of the 80s and 90s today.

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