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Boris Mikhailov “ohne Titel” (aus der Serie Case History), 1997-1999, Sammlung Berlinische Galerie

Prostitution bei Walter König, Pornografie im KW, Pushy Kissers in derGalerie Lüttgenmeijer – was zur Hölle ist denn da los? Neben all dem Schmuddelkram darf man sich in der kommenden Kunstwoche aber auch auf eine großartige Werkschau von Boris Mikhailov, viele spannende Künstlergespräche und britische Konzeptkunst freuen. Alles weitere nach dem Klick…

Monday, Feb 20

On Saturday, as I mentioned in my last guide, the scandalous, entry over 18 years exhibition “You Killed me First” at KW Institute of Contemporary Art opend. Recalling pioneers of New York’s 80s underground movement Cinema of Transgression, the show reminds us of video art that shocks and crosses all borders: Suicide, drugs, pornography – nothing is missed out. Two of the participating artists, namely Nick Zedd and Richard Kern, are giving talks at KW (Auguststr. 69). Zedd is speaking today at 19.30h and Kern gives his talk on Wednesday, also at 19.30h.

Wednesday, Feb 22

From drugs and suicide at KW, we continue to not less delicate subject: Prostitution. The correspondent title of Martina Löw‘s newest book stands for her architectural and philosophical theory discussing the construction of reality in other worlds.  Prostitution and ‘spacing’ – yes, thats right. Sounds interesting? Löw gives a lecture at Buchhandlung Walter König (Burgstr. 27, at Museum Island, 19.30h).

Alternatively, if all the fuzz about pornography and prostitution is just too much for you and you are simply longing for some art, then the so called “Expert Talk”  about Gerhard Richter‘s work at Me Collectors Room (Auguststr. 68) might be something: In conjunction with their current exhibition “GERHARD RICHTER – EDITIONS 1965-2011” Dr. Stefan Gronert talks about Richter’s oil paintings as a series of editions. The talk starts at 19.00h, the admission is free and you can register at info[at]

Thursday, Feb 23

The photographer Boris Mikhailov, born 1938 in Ukraine, was always interested in documenting the normal, the everyday life, the average. In the 1990, however, due to Soviet Union’s fall, the ‘normal’ turned into being the misery, the poor, even the desperate. Still, his work is not just a proof of desperation – there is hope – even humor. The large retrospective “Time Is out of Joint. Photographs 1966–2011” at Berlinische Galerie now showcases his work and artistic development throughout the last decades. The opening takes place at 19h, Alte Jakobstr. 124-128.

Friday, Feb 24

We could also call this “a male, british, conceptual friday”: In the Tiergarten Kiez Galerie Micky Schubert (Bartningallee 2–4) opens a solo-exhibition by the video artist Stephen Sutcliffe and Galerie Lüttgenmeijer, which is in the same building, features installation art in George Henry Longly’s solo-show Pushy Kisser. From 19h-21h.

And- as if this is not enough from the royal island – the british performance and installation artist Mathew Hale is doing a performance at Galerie Wentrup, which currently features his solo show “The Welcome Stranger“.

Saturday, Feb 25

I don’t know whether you fancy artist talks or not, but this week certainly offers loads of them: Boris Mikhailov speaks about his show at Berlinische Galerie (16h-18h, Alte Jakobstr. 124-128), which will be a very interesting event I suppose. And Tanas, Berlin’s art space for Turkish contemporary art, features an artist talk with Şakir Gökçebağ, Nasan Tur, Anny and Sibel Öztürk (17h, Heidestr. 50). The three artist participate in Tana’s current show “Zwölf im Zwölften” – an exhibition dealing with the culture clashes and connections of German-Turkish identities.

Sunday, Feb 26

The week ends with another culture clash: classical music and turntables. This is what we’re gonna get from the Ensemble Neue Musik Zürich at .HBC (19h entrance, 20h start, Karl-Liebknecht-Str.9), who experiment and deconstruct new and old compositions – playing something between jazz, folk and club sounds. Here are some audio tests.

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Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, The Manhattan Love Suicides: Thrust In Me, 1985

Gerhard Richter “Betty”

Boris Mikhailov “ohne Titel (aus der Serie Case History)”, 1997-1999

Mathew Hale, “THE WELCOME STRANGER” at Galerie Wentrup

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