Musikhören mit Dapayk & Padberg

Wenn Models zu Musikern werden, ist das normalerweise ziemlich furchtbar. Das gilt allerdings nicht für Eva Padberg. Seit mehr als sechs Jahren schon tritt sie zusammen mit ihrem Mann Dapayk auf, 2008 konnten sie mit dem Lied Island einen großen Hit landen. Vor kurzem haben Dapayk &Padberg ihr drittes Album auf Stil vor Talent veröffentlicht.

In unserem Interview mit Dapayk & Padberg haben wir sie zu Musik von Michel Teló, The Black Keys, Serge Gainsbourg und Frivolous befragt. Mehr nach dem Klick (auf Englisch).

Michel Teló – Ai Se Eu Te Pego

This is obviously a part of the music industry that we are not really in touch with. We actually have some family members, who are soccer fans and they told us that this is somewhat of a hit in the soccer stadiums right now.

No idea what he is saying in this song, but from looking at the women in the video, it must be incredibly romantic and cheesy. The video itself was probably a bargain, looks like it has been recorded at one of his concerts.

The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling

A classic and very cool “Band on the road” video. The style of it is kind of retro and sometimes grainy, which fits their sound perfectly. The live sequences look beautiful and make you wanna go see one of their concerts. We love this kind of 70ies rock sound, very melodic and kind of rough. Not our preferred style of music generally, but it has this feel-good-Rock’n’Roll-feeling to it. Would be a great song to listen to in the morning after getting out of bed. Makes me wanna shake my butt!

Serge Gainsbourg – Les Sucettes

We had to read up on the meaning of the lyrics, which are not as innocent as they may sound. Typical Gainsbourg. “Les Sucettes” is a song about a girl named Anni, who likes anise flavored lollipops. There was obviously a double meaning to those lyrics, which the singer France Gall did not get at the time. Years after the song had come out, she realized what this song was actually about and apparently was totally ashamed by it.

The video is also very innocent, there’s not really much happening. The dancers in the background are fun to watch, it seems like they are moving to a completely different song. Those old French videos from the 60s are always a good inspiration for song ideas or to find a new look we wanna play with. Who knows…. Maybe we come up with a remake of this at some point…

Frivolous – Ostalgia

Frivolous is one of our favorite artists. 3 years ago, he also released an EP on our sublabel Fenou. He has a totally unique style and “Ostalgia” is one of the best tracks he ever made! The break in the middle plays with so many beautiful ideas and never looses touch to the dance floor. Just great!

Dapayk & Padberg – Backyard | Fluffy Cloud

This video was filmed by Alex Forge. A French director, who had already shot the video for our “I love Vinyl” open air in 2011. We were so happy with his photography and ideas that we immediately asked him if he was willing to make the video to our first single “Fluffy cloud” from the album “Sweet Nothings”, which came out in the end of February. There are actually 2 songs in one video. It starts out with the song “Backyard” and then blends over to “Fluffy cloud”.

We shot in various locations in Berlin. The club scenes were shot at night at Weekend Club. We needed a big crowd for this scene, so we did a casting on Facebook, were we asked Dapayk & Padberg fans to explain why they wanted to be in the video. The response was overwhelming. It turned out to be a fun and crazy night. Filming this video was really an amazing experience and we are so thrilled with the results.

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