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Fashion Illustration by Nicola Napoli

Envy (Comme des Garcons) by Nicola Napoli 640

While Berlin Fashion Week is pretty focussed now on young designers and upcoming labels, Paris Fashion Week is pretty much about the big brands and famous designers. Berlin-based artist and illustrator Nicola Napoli has taken a look over to the French side of fashion and created a set of 3 fashion illustrations inspired by Balmain, Comme des Garcons and Gareth Pugh. Enjoy his vision after the jump.

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on January 23rd, 2015
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Live: Louis Vuitton Menswear AW15/16 Fashion Show

Loui Vuitton Menswear SS15 Runway photo by M Dortomb

photo: M Dortomb

Even though it’s the final day of Berlin Fashion Week we once again would like to take a little peak over to Paris to see what’s going on at the menswear Fashion Week over there. Today one of the most important shows of a big fashion house is going to happen there and we have once again the live stream here for you right after the jump.

While the womenswear line of Louis Vuitton has undergone a massive relaunch with the switch from Marc Jacobs to Nicolas Ghesquière the menswear has stayed as it is with designer Kim Jones and his contemporary and elegant style. Let’s see what he has in store for the boys at the show which starts today (January 22nd 2015) at 14:30h.

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on January 22nd, 2015
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Dandy Diary Winter of Love – Fashion Week Party Photos


Last night our dearest fellow bloggers of Dandy Diary once again threw the most significant Fashion Week party of the season and guess what, once again it was a colorful and fun blast. The theme was psychedelic 60s and 70s and boy do these Dandy fans take the dresscode to a next level. We saw some awesome outfits and my camera had a lot of fun capturing all of the beauties. Enjoy the impressions on 3 pages after the jump.

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on January 19th, 2015
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Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide



Like every season I HEART BERLIN is bringing you the ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Guide with all the notable events and parties with a special focus on emmerging talents and avant-garde designers. The majority of the events in this guide are public or have an open registration so that all of you fashion fans can join regardless of your professional credentials. Enjoy!

This season we would like to give a shout-out to a couple of designers that will be doing their first shows in the official Mercedes-Benz tent, as well as in surprising off-schedule locations. We are looking forward to see our first show of one of our Berlin favorites SADAK, of course the show of our dear friend Esther Perbandt, the man who is probably the buzziest name in the local fashion scene right now and who will be the first one to show inside of Berghain: Bobby Kolade, and we are also excited to see the new collection of Vektor. For all the fashion professionals we recommend all of these mentioned shows, so make sure to get accreditation for them. Our listing of public events you can find below.

For more guidance at Berlin Fashion Week we also recommend you to download our iPhone App Friendly Berlin and check out the routes “Berlin Designers” and “Fashionable Berlin”.

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on January 16th, 2015
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Shop Berlin Designers at the LNFA Store at Bikini

LNFA Store 2 - 01

If you are looking for a place to get some fashion from Berlin designers there is one address that you absolutely need to visit: The two LNFA concept stores at the Bikini Berlin. LNFA is short for Live Networking for Fashion and Art and actually started as an event series. But as things go in Berlin one thing leads to another and suddenly you find yourself opening a shop in a brand new concept mall. You have to give the owner Sevil Uguz a lot of credit for really making a big effort to promote local designers the way she does, beside her shops she is also going to host a whole string of runway shows and events during Berlin Fashion Week next week.

But let’s get back to the shops. When the Bikini opened last year so did the first LNFA store that brought together a lot of young labels of different styles. The concept was so successful, probably because there was no other store like this in town, that they opened yet another one right next door with a selection of designers that is a bit more premium than the ones from the first store. A lot of our favorite designers are represented here, including Esther Perbandt, Marina Hoermanseder, Sopopular, Barre Noir, IVANMAN, Vektor, Tata Christiane, DYN and so many more it’s impossible to name them all. During next week’s Berlin Fashion Week there are going to be lots of specials and events where you can meet the designers themselves. Stay tuned to their Facebook page to find out more. After the jump some impressions of both stores as well as the details.

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on January 14th, 2015
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Welcome to Western Society


photo: Garrett Davis/capture imaging

When you go to the theater most of the time your role will be that of the audience. You sit there and watch a bunch of excentric crazy people running around naked and screaming on stage. Well, that’s my very simplistic description of going to theater in Berlin ;) But what if you have a different role at your next theater visit? What if you become part of the performance? That’s an experience that will certainly change your view on theater.

The piece Western Society by the famous and beloved Berlin-based theater company Gob Squad is basically an ongoing re-enactment of one of the most boring and ordinary youtube videos of a family gathering in front of the TV set and watching something while going on about their business in the background. Of course the piece dives way deeper into the behavior, norms, traditions and conflicts of our modern society, but I would like to leave that up to you to discover it.

When I was watching this piece a few months ago  I was pretty puzzled when right in the beginning of the play one of the actors threw a plush animal in my face and asked me to come down to the stage and participate in the performance. Oups, I was not exactly expecting that. I was than charmingly  introduced into the clever system of headset-based prompting by none other than Tatiana Saphie, star of our online comedy The Fruit Salad, who was also one of the actors in Western Society. And than I found myself among the actors and other members of the audience right in the middle of the theater set re-enacting the living room scene while the main actors gave me instructions what to do and what to say through my ear piece. It was certainly an unexpected and exciting experience. After the jump there are some photos of the piece and a short extract from the recording of the show with me in it. It looks rather weird, but it was really fun and I had the honor of having the only speaking role of the guests so that was extra cool.

Western Society by Gob Squad is playing again this weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at HAU2 in Kreuzberg. Don’t miss it and reach for those flying plush animals!

Frank by Frank
on January 13th, 2015
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The Dreamy Phantasies of Andrea Wan


artwork: Andrea Wan

On Thursday a very charming exhibition will open at BC Gallery with the work of Berlin-based artist Andrea Wan and we would like to give you a little preview of it. Andrea’s new show titled Fleeting Seasons centers around the theme of the circle of life and death. In her drawings she incorporates humans surrounded by elements of nature and surrealistic symbolism. The surrealism has also been a significant part of her previous works and shows and the playful union that she creates with humans, nature and animals is for me the heart and soul of her art. There is dreaminess and gentleness in her work that I find really fascinating. And even though death is such a dark topic you find yourself thinking, oh how lovely, a cute little skull. Get a preview of the upcoming show as well as some samples of previous works after the jump. Some of her work is available as art prints in her online shop.

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on January 12th, 2015
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We Never Existed – A Photo Love Story in Berlin


I think especially in sad and confusing times as these we all need a little bit of love and hope. To give you some positive thoughts today I would like to show you this wonderfully romantic photo series by Ines Kotarac. She create a little love story of two people that actually never met. Taken with an analogue camera on various locations in Berlin including the Tempelhof field she blends these two individuals together as if their story actually really belongs together. Enjoy the photo series after the jump.

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on January 9th, 2015
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Berlin belongs to us now!

sir serch - hipsterliebe

When I checked out the new video by Sir Serch that a colleague had sent to me I was sitting in the subway surrounded by people. I had to laugh out load at one part of the video and felt a little embarressed about my little public outburst, but the part is just so good. Here you have Berlin-based rapper Sir Serch doing his thing and walking into this vintage store somewhere in Kreuzberg or Neukölln to meet his gang. But his gang has changed, you could say they have been gentrified by hipsterism. And their exchange about it is quite hilarious and to be honest there is quite some truth in it, of course immensely exaggerated. But actor Tom Radisch is really just to good in his role of a total douchebag. If you like German rap or not doesn’t matter, you will certainly enjoy this video. And remember, if you don’t have a beard, you don’t belong here! ;)

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on January 7th, 2015
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A Guide to Berlin Fashion: The Sporty Edition

A Guide to Berlin Fashion - The Sporty Edition

The fashion scene of Berlin is as diverse and colorful as it can get and I think that is one of the best things about the city. You will find something for everyone. There are those designers who are clearly inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism, you have those who do totally wearable everyday clothes that sell like bread, those who make quite crazy stuff that you can only wear for fashion week, and so much more in the middle and around, it’s impossible to list it all. With our new series A Guide To Berlin Fashion we would like to give you an overview of the different styles that we find here and show you some of our favorite designers from Berlin in each genre. We are definately not going to be able to name all of them, because the number of labels is impossibly high, so see this more as an example of some of the most notable ones.

For the first edition of our new Berlin Fashion Guide we would like to start with one of the most obvious contemporary trends: Sportswear-inspired streetwear. The sporty style has started to penetrate the collections of young designers and avant-garde labels for a handful of seasons now and with the Wang x H&M collaboration finally reached the mainstream. I think the revival of the sneaker that has been going on for the past years has played an important part in it and all the sneaker brands should be more than pleased to be so highly relevant and important in fashion right now. During my last visit of the Dissonance Area at the Premium Exhibition it felt like every second collection had jumped aboard the trend using a lot of active wear materials like neopren and mesh with wide boxy cuts.

Here in Berlin we have a couple of labels that fall into this category that we would like to introduce you to. They are either inspired by certain types of sports or have a generally sporty aesthetic to them, but all of them seem quite on point with their fashion in this day and time. And the best thing about it? You don’t even need a gym membership anymore to look sportive, these labels sure know how to create the illusion. Enjoy our guide to sporty Berlin fashion after the jump.

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on January 7th, 2015
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