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Berlin Illuminated in Moving Colors: The Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights always stuns me with how it manages to mobilize such a huge amount of Berliners to come out of the house at night when the temperatures are already getting lower and it would just be so much more comfy to cuddle up at home. If you walk along any of the trails of the festival you will encounter so many other people walking around discovering the many light art projections all over the city it feels like the night becomes day – and a busy one at that.

Until October 14th every night from 19-23h you will be able to discover countless projections – many also animated with elaborate mappings that embrace the architecture and details – at various buildings in the city such as the TV tower, the Humboldt Forum, the Berliner Dom, several buildings around Bebelplatz, the Brandenburger Gate, the high rises at Potsdamer Platz, etc.

This year’s highlight was for sure the show at Brandenburger Gate that illustrates the cultural exchange of Berlin with the rest of the world and the 4th world championship of video mapping that you can see at the middle tower at Potsdamer Platz. For the first time, we also took the lift up to the Panorama Punkt to see everything from above. Really worth it (and open until 21h for the duration of the festival). Now enjoy some impressions of this year’s Festival of Lights.

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on October 9th, 2018
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Meet the Artists from Urban Nation

As one of the newest museums in the city and with a focus on such a young and developing genre the team of Urban Nation, Berlin’s first permanent museum for contemporary urban art and street art, have a lot of explaining and educating to do. While urban and street art is still fighting for recognition in the otherwise quite elitist world of contemporary art the wide audience of the art enthusiasts and art-curious have long embraced it – especially because this particular genre of art is so open and accessible on various levels.

With their artist in residence program, Urban Nation is continuing on that path of making art, the artist and the artistic progress accessible to everyone who is interested – no matter if they are an art collector or curious grandmother. Embracing the fact that the house the museum was constructed in used to be a regular residential building, part of it is still occupied by apartments that function as living studios for the artists participating in the residencies. Right now the first batch of artists has finished their time and open their apartments for the public to see the results of their work. What you step into is not just a regular apartment or artist studio, they are like little art installations almost as if you were to step into the mind of the artist. It’s a great way to understand more about the creation process and the personal aspects of the works. If you are lucky that the artists are there at the moment of your visit you will also get to chat with them about their motivations, techniques and artistic visions.

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on September 28th, 2018
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Räume 2 – An Amazing Group Exhibition in an Abandoned Iron Foundry

When it comes to art exhibitions Berlin is never short on surprises. Of course, especially on the occasions of the Gallery Weekend or Berlin Art Week there are countless presentations of art that will leave you in awe. What I especially enjoy are those exhibitions that use before unseen locations that are so impressive to see that they themselves become part of the art.

This is the case for the new edition of the Räume exhibition concept. In 2016 they took over an old insurance building in Kreuzberg and gave every artist their own room. This year the organizer (and exhibiting artist) Alina Mann found an impressive new space, that I never even heard of before, which is this huge abandoned iron foundry on Berlin-Reinickendorf. This space is not unlike the many other former industrial compounds of Berlin that got a second chance of life or temporary use. But the iron foundry has its very own unique character thanks to some of the machinery still left inside and the very unique and mysterious state of decay of the building that creates an almost haunting atmosphere. It makes discovering the art inside a bit like searching for the ghosts in the dark corners.

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on September 25th, 2018
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Night Out – A New Berlin Nightlife Movie

Berlin’s infamous nightlife never ceases to inspire filmmakers from all over the world it seems. After big hits such as Berlin Calling, Victoria, and B-Movie now comes a new attempt to capture the one thing that seems to be the city’s main trademark. With Night Out, Greek director and screenwriter Stratos Tzitzis is – more than the previous three examples – focussing on the more lustful aspects of the nightlife. At least that’s the impression you will get from the trailer.

A colorful mix of characters wonders off into the night from house parties and Späti session, over sex shop visits and street parades, to tango sessions by the river and underground punk concerts, and last but not least they end up at the frivolous KitKat Club with way less clothing on than at the beginning of the night.

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on September 17th, 2018
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A Themed Dinner Full of Love & Pink Harmony with Gordon’s Pink Gin


Last week we had the pleasure to be part of a very unique and very pink dinner event that was hosted by the lovely ladies of This Is Jane Wayne in collaboration with Gordon’s Pink Gin at the charming Rose Garden in Mitte. What was a wonderland of pink delicacies and elixirs for us can be the same for you on the 12th of September when The Pink Dinner will happen for the second time – and this time open to the public. Seats are limited so you better get your tickets quickly here.

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on August 31st, 2018
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Contemporary Wanderlust – The Antithesis to Romanticism


Today we would like to stimulate your minds with an interesting new exhibition that is currently on display at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin-Mitte. Curated by the aff Galerie from Berlin the show presents the work of the three photo artists Arno Schidlowski, Jens Sundheim, and Kathrin Tschirner with the themes of Wanderlust and Romanticism at its core.

For me, the topic of Romanticism has a very special meaning because one of the main artists of this era, Caspar David Friedrich, is from the same city like me, Greifswald, and some of his major works were inspired by places from or around my hometown. In my childhood, I have often been on the near-by island Rügen where Friedrich painted the iconic chalk cliffs – a natural landmark that is currently disappearing due to natural erosion.

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on July 10th, 2018
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Show Your Pride – A Rainbow in My Hair

Show Your Pride – A Rainbow in My Hair


A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Wella Professionals to be part of their new #ShowYourPride campaign and participate in a photoshoot for Blonde Magazine along with the striking Strify, the luscious Leonie, and the daring David. It was certainly an unexpected request, but one I followed gladly, because it gave me the opportunity to talk about diversity and being different – but also because I got the chance to express some public pride myself with a dash of rainbow colors in my hair.

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on July 7th, 2018
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10 Amazing New Restaurants in Berlin in 2018

Every year Berlin gives us so many awesome new places to feast our eyes on and fill our bellies with wonderful food. And every year the places are so different and so diverse from the previous one that it really never gets boring. This year we will serve you real East-German food, Isreali dishes with a French twist, lots of exquisite meat and possibly the most amazing pizza in town. Make some room in your evening schedule for the next couple of weeks and activate your social contacts for some dinner dates to try out all of these great new restaurants in Berlin that opened within the last 12 months. Guten Appetit!

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on July 4th, 2018
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Blogfabik Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary Party

It’s already been three years now that iHeartBerlin is part of Blogfabrik, the fun content creator community and workspace in the heart of Kreuzberg. It was a great three years and I am still super happy and proud to be part of it, surrounded by like-minded people from the digital world and the lovely Blogfabrik team that supports us all every day.

On Thursday our second digital conference – the Content Creation Week – came to a close and this was also the perfect moment to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of this unique and amazing place. We were really happy that so many of you came to have a drink with us and dance the night away. Special shout-out to the party baby that came in the early evening to break the ice on the dancefloor. We can already see him being a future Berghain regular…

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on June 23rd, 2018
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Requiem for a Piece of Meat – When Theater Turns You Vegan

What is the difference between the meat on our body and the meat on our plates? Is there really one? Why does our brain rather consider a bunch of oversized fake sausages “meat” while the real meat sits naked on top of it?

For the research to his award-winning piece Requiem for a Piece of Meat theater maker Daniel Hellmann went deep into the cruel realities of the meat production industry. What he found there was both shocking and eye-opening, and turned him and part of his team to veganism. The ways how we humans disassociate a piece of meat from what it really is – a sliced-off piece from a living creature that was killed against its will after enduring a life of torture and mistreatment – is one of the topics he dissects in his piece. But it goes far beyond the treatment of animals and blurred lines of what is the meat on our bones, the meat of an animal and the meat product that goes over the butcher’s counter. It also questions how we treat black bodies and female bodies, and how lust and desire play into our associations with meat.

Nothing that you will see in this piece is done for shock value – in fact, the realities of the things depicted in the play are by far more shocking. Yet, for some theaters, the production was too extreme so it got censored and even canceled. Luckily, Berlin theater people are not so thin-skinned so we can enjoy the German premiere tonight at Ballhaus Ost with encore screenings on the following days. Some impressions and details below.

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on June 21st, 2018
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