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Street Portraits: The Style of Berliners

Glamcanyon Berlin 6 q

photos: Katja Hentschel

There was a time when street style was totally a thing. Every major city had a street style blog (or many) and of course also Berlin. But the trend had faded over the years a bit and many blogs stopped posting or changed their editorial concepts. Thanks to Instagram and success projects such as Humans of New York (and other cities that followed) street portraits totally had a comeback!

Glamcanyon used to be one of the major street style blogs (and to me personally the most beautiful one) in the early days of fashion blogs in Germany, but the flow of new styles dried up a bit a few years ago. Back then the blogger behind it, photographer Katja Hentschel, shifted her focus to other projects such as her follow-up blogs Travelettes and Glowbus. But a few months ago her passion for street portraits came back to life and she decided to revitalize Glamcanyon. Now you can again regularly find her beautiful photos of beautiful people from Berlin and other cities that she comes to. But with the new photos you can see how the eye of the photographer has developed over the years. Now it’s not anymore purely about the looks, it’s also about the personality of the portrayed person and the moment they had with the photographer. Absolutely charming! We selected some of our favorites from Berlin for you today.

Frank by Frank
on June 30th, 2016
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Fashion Special: Berlin loves Nordic Fashion

Liisa Riski

Liisa Riski, Finland

When it comes to fashion the Germans are a bit unusual. The Italians, they proudly love their Italian fashion. The French love to wear the designs from the runways of Paris. And the British, they admire their traditional British brands. But the Germans, they prefer something other than their own labels: The Germans turn their heads to the Nordic countries for style. And it’s basically been like that since I can remember. Germans, and also in particular the Berliners, are just obsessed with fashion from Sweden, Denmark & co. While that is on the one hand quite sad for the German brands that nowadays avoid the local Fashion Week and rather show their collections on foreign runways, it’s a total win for the Scandinavians who – for us – seem to be the essence of style.

The Nordic Fashion Hub that takes place at Bikini Berlin Concept Shopping Mall from June 28th til July 2nd 2016 is now bringing us some more of this coveted design from our European neighbors. In a temporary fashion exhibition in the ground floor of the mall you will be able to see the new collections of 15 labels from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The selection really shows the bandwidth of Nordic design that ranges from their signature minimalism over classic feminine looks to bold and eccentric designs. After the jump we want to show you a preview of the participating labels and of the exhibition at Bikini Berlin. Come by tonight at 19h for the opening reception or visit the Nordic Fashion Hub on the following days.

Frank by Frank
on June 29th, 2016
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Berlin is… European

Bearpit karaoke by Neil H CC-BY-2.0

photo: Neil H / CC

When I travel to foreign continents and get asked where I am from, my answer is often: “I am from Europe”. I never really thought about what this means until last week. It’s not that I don’t want to say that I am from Germany (because whoever asks is probably going to demand a more precise answer anyway and I will give it). It’s not a lack of national pride; it’s more a sense of international unity within my own continent. I am happy to be German, but I am proud to be from Europe. Being born and raised in an isolated country like the GDR, the sense of freedom after the reunification was amazing.

I grew into an adult benefiting from the bond that the European countries had formed with one another after being in conflict for centuries. For me this became the status quo. I could travel, study, live and work in all of the other countries without problems, which many of my class mates actually did, going to France or the UK after school. When many of the countries even started to share one currency it became even more united. Going to Madrid or to Rome over the weekend to visit friends or just have a good time, this no longer felt like taking a vacation in a foreign country. It felt like something else…

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on June 27th, 2016
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A Guide to Priceless Restaurant Experiences in Berlin

Shan Bistro Berlin

photo: Shan Rahimkhan

Our restaurant guides are among the most popular features here on the blog and we love to come up with new themes and topics to curate the gastronomic gems of the city for your enjoyment. Among all our culinary guides, the most successful turned out to be the one with the most unusual restaurants – this seems to have been a particularly fun one, both for our readers and for us.

To give you something new in a similar spirit we have teamed up with MasterCard who have a really exciting program going on that is a perfect match for us. I’m sure you’re heard of the term “Priceless” in connection with MasterCard, which they use to cherish all those unique moments in our life that you just can’t put a price tag on. In continuation of this idea they initiated MasterCard® Priceless® Cities – a program that grants MasterCard® cardholders access to exclusive and “priceless” experiences in selected metropolises in the world – including Berlin, of course – and let’s them discover their cities in exciting new ways.

For our new guide we have chosen some of the most extraordinary restaurants that are part of the Priceless® Berlin program and that offer you an experience that goes way beyond a great meal in a nice ambience. Enjoy our selection of 8 priceless restaurant experiences in Berlin.

Frank by Frank
on June 24th, 2016
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The Sensual Touch of Light and Concrete

The Sensual Touch of Light and Concrete

Today we would like to introduce you to the work of visual artist duo Schall & Schnabel. They moved in with us at Blogfabrik last year and ever since we always enjoyed watching them work over their shoulders. Just like us they have a thing for animated GIFs. With their photo work they always like to play around with distortion, lights and non-digital effects. Their new “concrete series” actually combines both real-life and digital effects that look absolutely stunning. With the series they found a very contemporary version of classic nudes, twisting the bodies, overlaying the skin with harsh concrete structures, playing around with lights that are broken through prisms. It’s really a wonderful aesthetic that invents its very own sensuality.

This Friday on June 24th 2016 at 19h they are opening their new exhibition of the same name at Galerie Irrgang in the Kreuzberg-part of Friedrichstraße. Come by to see all of their magnificent works from the series. After the jump you’ll get an exclusive preview with a couple of animated GIFs. Enjoy!

Frank by Frank
on June 23rd, 2016
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Experience the Power of Flowers in Berlin

Die Lilie in der Blumenagenda

Flowers are totally hype these days! With quite a few flower related start-ups and projects on the rise it seems they are taking over the reign from the trending positions of food delivery and dating apps of the last couple of years. The slightly antiquated job of the florist is now totally in fashion again.

Flower services such as Florale Welten, Damerius, Flowerstudio Berlin, Bloomon and many more are now reinventing the classical flower bouquet to make it into the contemporary, Instagram-worthy little pieces of art that people just can’t help but fall in love with. is an online magazine that is dedicated to the beauty of flowers and promotes all these little projects that we have here in Berlin. They also have a huge map and search function that let’s you find the best flower shops in your proximity.

This coming weekend they are organizing a huge Flower Market at Bikini Berlin that you shouldn’t miss. The amazing flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law in Spring showed us that flowers and the Bikini Berlin go really well together, so we are looking forward to this new flowertastic event.

Frank by Frank
on June 22nd, 2016
in Charlottenburg, Market

7 Moments When You Have To Stay Strong In Berlin

Stay Strong Moments

Berlin is generally known as an easy going, relaxed happy place to have fun and take things slow. As much as we enjoy this reputation, it’s not all roses and unicorns here after all. We have our moments of struggles as well, some are Berlin specific and some are the same as in many other big cities in the world. It’s a part of life I guess. Sometimes you just have to stay strong.

The new campaign of the yogurt drink Actimel is all about these moments when people have to bite their teeth, make the best of it and stay strong. It’s quite a relatable sentiment, but as diverse as our world is, everyone gets to these moments quite differently. So the guys from Actimel asked us: when do you have to stay strong in Berlin? The question made us immediately think of the hilarious illustrated comics of Sophia Halamoda who showed us how to get into two of the most impenetrable institutions of Berlin: the notorious Berghain night club and the feared Bürgeramt. So we extended the question to her and together we came up with a list of some typical struggles that we face here in Berlin. We’ve all been there at some point! After the jump you’ll find 7 moments when you have to stay strong in Berlin.

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on June 20th, 2016
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What it means to be Different

Golden Kai Staenicke

In the light of recent events there was a lot of talk about the struggle of LGBT people all over the world. It seems that somehow a lot of people have forgotten how unfairly trans, lesbian, bi and gay people are still being treated. Even though on a superficial level it appears LGBT people have reached a certain level of acceptance and integration (in some places) they forget how difficult it is growing up being different (and that applies not only for LGBTs). This heart-warming short film from Berlin-based director Kai Stänicke finds a beautiful way to explain exactly that: what it means to be different.

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on June 15th, 2016
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Berlin is… sending Love

Seeing Pink

The only logical response to hate is love, and more love. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of responding with equal hate – it seems like a natural, instinctive reaction. But that’s only gonna make the hate even bigger.

Berlin always felt like a big safe bubble to me. I felt that my life was never affected here in a negative way. How lucky I am! The LGBTQ community is big, strong, well connected, diverse and very opinionated. Of course there have been incidents of attacks or discrimination against LGBT people here as well, but they seem to be much more rare compared to many other places in the world. I have heard heart-breaking stories of people that come from smaller towns and other countries, and of course you hear all these terrible news of horrific tragedies in the most conservative corners of the world. It’s these stories that make you question your own safety. And it makes you realize even more that you are living in a bubble.

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on June 13th, 2016
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How to find the closest Späti in Berlin

Typischer Friedrichshainer Kiez-Spaetkauf aka Spaeti by Robert Agthe CC-BY-2.0

photo: Robert Agthe / CC

The Spätis are as much of a trademark for Berlin as the TV tower or the Berliner Bear. The quirky little shops full of bottles and some often weird selection of supermarket goods are all over the city and a lot of people (mostly those too lazy or to unorganized to go to the next real supermarket) live off of these shops. Lately the beloved Spätis have been endangered by new laws that want to prohibit their Sunday opening hours and the beer benches in front of the popular late-night and after hour hang-outs. Who ever came up with these new laws: Shame on you! You are destroying one very great part of Berlin.

But here is a fun new project that celebrates the Spätis like they should be. It’s a new app developed by Clemens Morris that let’s you search the closest Späti near you. It’s really cool, especially if you are not in your own neighborhood or when you are new in town. If you walk by a Späti that hasn’t been listed yet, you can also submit one yourself or repost a closed one.

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on June 7th, 2016
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