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A Street Art Scavenger Hunt

various & gould - publictale

Tonight Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould is revealing a street art scavenger hunt as part of the Backjumps exhibition opening at Kunstraum Bethanien. We absolutely love this idea, combining art with an interactive game and making it an experience that goes beyond the traditional gallery visit. What the artists have prepared for this hunt is an illustrated version of a short story by Polina Soloveichik that has been divided in 6 parts that are being spread out along a route in Kreuzberg. With each illustration you will also find a part of the story (in German, but with a QR code you will be able to get a translation in English on your smartphone). We can’t reveal to much, except that it’s about three construction workers named Maik, Paul and Jörg and the secret about some abandoned construction sites. The works will be revealed this evening in conjunction with the opening of Backjumps. You can get updates and more details short notice on the Various & Gould website. With the hashtag #PublicTale photos and comments about the project can be tracked on Twitter and Instagram. Have fun on the scavenger hunt! After the jump a couple of teasers…

Frank by Frank
on May 22nd, 2015
in Art

Oben – From Berlin’s Rooftops


For a couple of years now photographer Diane Vincent has been climbing up to the rooftops of Berlin and taking photos up there. She finds a lot of peace and tranquility on these urban and empty deserts, capturing a view of Berlin that is for many of us invisible otherwise. I have been fascinated with rooftops too, but more because I think it’s completely wasted urban living space. I think all of the rooftops would be amazing living space to enjoy the sun and to drown out the noise of the streets while still being outdoors. But sadly most rooftops are forbidden to enter because the roofs are not built in a way that they are safe to walk on. Shame really.

With her collection of rooftop photos piling up Diane has now compiled a selection of them into a cute self-published book titled “Oben” (up) which you can order now on her website. After the jump you can see some of our favorite rooftop photos.

Frank by Frank
on May 21st, 2015
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To This Purpose Only

_To this purpose only_ by matanicola for & with Fattoria Vittadini - Photo by Mirella & Augusto De Bernardi 08

photo: Mirella & Augusto De Bernardi

When we think about “Italy” we instantly have a pre-made set of clichés and stereotypes in our head. We think of pizza, pasta and icecream. We think of a hot-blooded and passionate people. We think of La Dolce Vita. And of Dolce & Gabbana. We think of a country with a glorious past, but also of one with a very fragile and weakened present. The proud Italians are deeply hurt in their pride about what has become of their once so great nation. The Italian youth is utterly lost and disoriented about the meaning of their own identity and worried about their uncertain future.

The performance piece To This Purpose Only is reflecting on the contradiction that Italy is facing right now. Old cherrished rituals and traditions overlap and merge with the new uncertain and alienating conditions of the nowadays unstable country. The directorial duo Matanicola who also brought us the amazing piece bodySLANGuage at Ballhaus Ost last year are responsible for this new production together with the performers of Fattoria Vittadini who already celebrated great success with it on their Italian tour and are now finally premiering in Germany at Radialsysteme this weekend. More impressions and a trailer after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on May 19th, 2015
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100 Days of German Words


photo: Tom

Our fellow blogger Federico is a funny guy. Not only does he share his quirky and witty thoughts on his blog, he has also started a new project that has the Italian Berliner invent a new German word every day for 100 days in a row. Obviously the guy has a fascination with the German language and the fact that our grammar allows us to combine several nouns to one word (which requires a whole sentence to express in English) seems to have been a great inspiration for his new word inventions. Let me tell you one thing up front: They are not actually correct German words and therefore should not be understood as value German lessons such as the words from Days of Deutsch, but they do make so much sense, so maybe the guys from the Duden should consider some of them for inclusion into our vocabulary. Words like Kotzerleichterung (the feeling of relieve after you threw up), Finanzangst (the fear of dealing with the tax officials) and Lieberechenbarkeit (the predictability of someone you love) are so relatable to me and I don’t understand why no-one ever came up with them before. After the jump we have a couple of our favorites of Federico’s new German words. And if you want to hear more of his wit you should tune into tonight’s episode of Off the Record on Flux FM at 22h where he will be a guest of the show.

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on May 19th, 2015
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A Portrait of East Berlin in 1980

1980 - Berlin die Hauptstadt der DDR 4

I don’t know what’s up with us but lately we are feeling so nostalgic and enjoy sharing some more historic things about our beloved Berlin, may it be about the Berlin wall, the post-war period or the wild 80s of West Berlin. Today we have yet another look into the 80s, but this time of the East part of Berlin. We found this interesting propaganda film from the GDR that shows the capital of the country in all its glory. It has tons of footage of the same places that we cross every day, but in an entirely different look back then. If you ignore the exaggerations and glorifications from the speaker this is actually a really nice document of time that gives you a good impression of how Berlin looked at the time (even if it was maybe only for the moment of filming) and how the GDR would have liked to be seen by the people. The video and some of my favorite stills after the jump!

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on May 18th, 2015
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Win Julian Zigerli x Absolut Colors T-Shirt

Win Julian Zigerli x Absolut Colors T-Shirt

There are over 70 countries in the world that punish homosexuality by law. In 7 countries homosexual acts are punished by death. This is a very sad fact and a reminder that there is still so much work to do in terms of human rights, discrimination and education. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and we thought this is a pretty good day to present you with a new projects that advocates tolerance: Within the last couple of years the Swiss designer Julian Zigerli has managed to become one of the most hyped emerging talents of the Berlin Fashion Week. His designs are full of colors and break the conventions of menswear with every new collection. Julian is someone who has a strong voice and found a big audience for it, so he is the right guy spread some love into the world. Together with Absolut he created a special limited edition T-Shirt that comes in a package with the new Absolut Colors that stands for diversity, creativity and tolerance. We are giving away one of these packages. Find out more on how to win after the jump. And if you want to know what you can do to support tolerance read this article about it.

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on May 17th, 2015
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Murals of Berlin: Herakut


These days Berlin got one more awesome amazing street art mural more! I love that this is totally becoming a thing here and it seems the murals are getting more and more refined and elaborate. We owe quite a big percentage of the new city murals to the work of Urban Nation who are actually organizing the artists and getting permissions by the city to use certain walls.

This new one up here is by the German artist duo Herakut who are already for the second time painting a wall in Berlin. It’s located at Greifswalder Str. 87 in Prenzlauer Berg right outside the ring and it’s about motherhood. Coincidently I took these making of photos on mothers day. This Saturday Herakut are also celebrating the opening of their exhibition Displaced Thoughts here in Berlin at the Urban Nation Headquarters at Bülowstraße. Come by and have a drink and be impressed by these amazing artists. After the jump we have more details of this new Berlin piece as well as many of their other mural. Enjoy!

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on May 15th, 2015
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A Wild Berlin Wedding at Wilde Renate


photos: Jule Müller

Berlin is a place of unconventional ideas and I think that pretty much applies to all possible things, even something as traditional as a wedding. This beautiful new video by the wedding film makers Hearts on Tape shows a wild Mexican-style wedding taking place at the nightclub Wilde Renate. It looks absolutely beautiful and fun and unique and it’s totally how I imagine the cool folks of Berlin getting hitched. What it is is the new music video for the Moewe Remix of Moby’s new song Almost Home. Enjoy the beautiful video and some photos from the set of the film shooting by the talented wedding photographer Jule Müller (one half of the fabulous Im Gegenteil) after the jump.

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on May 14th, 2015
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Contemporary Russian Art in Berlin

Katerina Belkina

artwork: Katerina Belkina

This city has many communities of different nations from all over the world that all live together here mixing their cultures into the big juicy cocktail that is Berlin. One of these many communities are Russian artists living in Berlin. I think they are fairly quiet compared to other nationalities, but with the upcoming Russian Contemporary Art Week making some noise in the city.

The RCAW is taking place in 3 galleries which are The Ballery in Schönenberg that is showcasing the work of 3 highlighted artist, the LemoArt Gallery in Prenzlauer Berg that is showing a bigger selection of younger Russian talents and finally a project by UdK students presented at Panke. The whole thing gets kicked off this Friday (May 15, 2015) with the opening reception of the main exhibition at The Ballery that shows the amazing work of Katerina Belkina, Igor Skaletsky, and Vera Veritas Kochubey. We have a little preview of that after the jump.

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on May 14th, 2015
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Keim – A Photobook by Matt Lambert

Keim by Matt Lambert 7

photos: Matt Lambert

We’ve had talented photographer and filmmaker Matt Lambert on our radar since his short film project with Dazed&Confused and his involvement in the amazing participative theater production MEAT. Since then we’ve seen his sexually provocative work also in several amazing editorials and films including a recent music video for iconic German singer Marius Müller Westernhagen.

Matt is giving us a pretty good reflection of the current youth culture with its rebellious and overly sexualized forms of expression. In his photos and videos we see young people exploring themselves and their sexuality with a strong impulse to be as progressive and aggressive as possible, bending the rules and the social norms of what is appropriate. They glorify non-conformance, sexualize violence, and experiment with different sexual orientations and polygamy. From a superficial point of view it looks a bit like they have an inflated sense of self-importance. But my interpretation is, that they are simply confused, scared and lost in the strange times we live in. It’s a world that’s caught in a limbo between luxury, gluttony and safety on the one side and complete and utter chaos on the other. They are looking into a future that is uncertain in many ways because our past generations are leaving them a world that’s a complete mess.

Matt’s first photo book titled Keim is being released by Pogo Books today and features a good chunk of his mostly homoerotic work. Tonight (May 13) the release is being celebrated with an exhibition opening at Iconoclast and an afterparty at Ballhaus Mitte. Enjoy some of Matt Lambert’s photographs after the jump.

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on May 13th, 2015
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