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Serie/ous Addiction: Sex, Gender & Berlin

sense8 berlin pool scene

sense8, photo: Netflix

It’s been such a long time since we wrote about TV shows, but now that the nights are getting longer and the temperatures lower we are starting to get into hibernation mode, cosying up in our blankets and watching movies and tv shows in the evenings ignoring the wet and cold outside.

For our newest edition of Serie/ous Addiction we have a wonderful set of shows for you that deal with our most favorite topics in some capacity: Sex, sexuality, gender identity and Berlin! Yes, you heard right: There is a good portion of Berlin in the mix this time, you must have noticed that in terms of movie and tv productions the hype of Berlin has finally reached the world of international television. Of course you must all have heard by now that the current season of US spy show Homeland was shot here, mostly thanks to star Claire Danes talking awkwardly about her visit at Berghain on Ellen. But this is not the only show that took place here, there is one more taking advantage of the awesomeness of this city, but it’s more of an underdog. Nonetheless it’s one of my three favorite new TV shows, more about it after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on November 27th, 2015
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The Secret Bar Behind the Bakery

Boulangerie Francois Grey Goose Secret Bar-0598

When I walked into the Boulangerie François last night to try the delicious French bread and vodka-infused jam I had no idea that the cute vintage bakery was only a front for a secret bar. This was a really great surprise! I entered through a secret door covered as an oven into a chic bar full of beautiful things and beautiful people. And of course there were amazing cocktails, as this was an event by luxurious vodka label Grey Goose.

For only 4 nights this stunning looking bar will be here in Berlin hosting a string of exclusive events. It’s unfortunately not public, only the bakery is open for everyone where you can get the bread and infused jams. But for Friday we have 3×2 tickets for the closing party and I definitely recommend you to try your luck here. To take part in the raffle go over to our previous post, we have extended the deadline until Thursday evening. For some impressions of the secret bar have a look after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on November 18th, 2015
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Berlin is… Hopeful

Berlin Rooftop by Jeisson Martin

photo: Jeisson Martin

We are at times a little hard on Berlin. It’s messy, it’s heartbreaking, it’s lost, it’s dirty… But with all the things that are going wrong here, one thing is for sure: It’s always going forward. And this gives us hope.

It’s sad, that some places we love are vanishing, that people we care for are leaving, that districts we live in change for the worse. But when you take a look at Berlin from a distance you can see that it always moves on. And we will, too.

We might not have the power to change everything that we think is bad, but we will fight for it, regardless, and remain hopeful. When things get difficult, the people of Berlin will stay strong together and pull through, hand in hand, may it be to rebuild the city, tear down walls or help those in need.

This city has proven so many times through history that it can overcome pretty much everything from war to economical crisis, and from oppression to separation and I’m sure it’ll handle present and future challenges such as globalization, migration, and the looming commercialization just fine. Berlin will keep on changing and with its past as a testament we can be hopeful that it will always remain a unique place in the world.

Frank by Frank
on November 16th, 2015
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Boulangerie François – A Very Special Bakery

Boulangerie Francois - Grey Goose 1

photo: Grey Goose

Love, dedication and attention to detail – this is the recipe for great things. François Thibault knows this and so he went against all doubts and critics to break conventions and make something that he felt really passionate about. In a region that is mostly known for its world class brandy he created a vodka made of unusual ingredients: the finest wheat that is normally used by the best bakers in the country and pure spring water from the region. Today, his vodka is considered to be one of the best-tasting ones in the world.

The same amount of love and passion went into the latest project of Grey Goose: The Boulangerie François brings the exquisite vodka together with the original purpose of its ingredients: bakery goods. In the charming atmosphere of a vintage bistro you can enjoy the most delicious bread with handmade jams infused with Grey Goose. The unique place will be open in Berlin for 4 days only at Friedrichstraße 124 in Mitte this coming week from Tuesday til Friday. After the jump you can get a sneak peak of the Boulangerie François and also get a chance to win invitations for an exclusive event there on Friday.

Frank by Frank
on November 15th, 2015
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Party at the Supermarket – Disco Kaiser’s Photos

Disco Shopping by Warsteiner-0224

Just this past Friday I wrote about my most memorable parties in unusual places in Berlin such as the ruin of the former GDR palace, an old border crossing station and an infamous sex club. But since Satuday my list of unique party locations has received a brand new entry: The Disco Kaiser’s! You probably thought that we were joking when we announced the Disco Shopping by Warsteiner at the Kaiser’s in Lichterfelde. Well, guess what: We were not! The party went down on Saturday and it was a blast! I was not so sure if so many people would go all the way down to Lichterfelde, but the turn-up was pretty big and the party was wild! Of course we took some photos for you so you can get an idea how a disco-themed party at a supermarket looks like. Enjoy our impressions after the jump!

Frank by Frank
on November 9th, 2015
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The Most Unforgettable Party Nights in 15 Years of Berlin

Unforgettable Night

A couple of weeks ago we gave you our first official Club Guide for Berlin with some of our favorite clubs and parties that we like to recommend as part of the AXE BLACK NIGHT campaign. In continuation of this collaboration we have now been asked by AXE to share our most memorable experiences in the Berlin nightlife, those parties, that took us by surprise and will remain in our memory forever. Of course living in Berlin for 15 years and having been to all the notable clubs and a lot of amazing parties and places of this period I have quite a few stories to tell and it was a little hard to narrow it down to only a few. Flipping through my huge catalog of party photos (believe it or not I have an archive that exceeds 18.000 photos) I took a trip down memory lane and collected some of my most special nightlife experiences that go all the way back to my first year in Berlin.

Frank by Frank
on November 6th, 2015
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The Disco Kaiser’s


Berlin has so many great qualities about it, but if we’re being honest, some of them are just the same as in other big cities and not really that specific for Berlin. But there is a few that are really just here in this city. One of them is a particularly fun one and it’s one that people don’t believe me when I’m speaking about it. It’s the Disco Kaiser’s! By now there are actually a few, but I’m talking now about the Kaiser’s at Warschauer Straße. During the day it’s a totally normal supermarket, but in the night, especially on weekends, it’s a complete party. If course this is mostly because a lot of clubs and bars in Friedrichshain are near by and in the weekend the young people get their drinks and snacks for the warm-up here. Since they started their 24/7 opening hours it’s even more crazy at nights and they also introduced colorful disco lights and music in these hours. It’s the most fun grocery shopping experience and chances to flirt are as high as in the clubs.

Warsteiner has caught up on this very special unique Berlin nightlife experience and brought it one step further. On November 7 they are taking over the Kaiser’s at Lio in Lichterfelde and turn it into a real disco with mirror balls and DJs and all. It’s of course still going to be possible to shop during the party and you will even get a shopping list at the door which you can use to get all of the things on it for free (yeay!). Noah Becker (we saw him with his band Bakery at Jackie O in the summer and he’s really cool!), Primo Disco and Prunk will spin some records for you and turn the produce section into a disco dancefloor. This is one of the best party ideas we’ve heard about this year and you shouldn’t miss it! More of our Disco Kaiser’s GIFs and infos on the Disco Shopping by Warsteiner event after the jump.

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on November 2nd, 2015
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After the Party is before the Party


photos: Moritz Jekat

I’ve never been a fan of after parties – at least not the ones that involve pretending life isn’t going on outside and the best thing to do is to numb yourself into oblivion. Everybody gets annoying, nobody listens to each other and the music that is played is mostly inadequate.

What I’ve always liked, however, are the short, silly and often funny moments that happen right before hopping into bed. The unnecessary, hardly remembered trips to get a second dinner slash breakfast (which is the better, cooler version of brunch when you think about it). The endless trips home that always seem to involve more means of transportation than you thought existed. The drunken cab rides spent battling sleep and watching the city’s blurry lights go by.

A whole new adventure starts the minute you stumble out the club, one that somehow manages to be much less predictable than whatever happened before. Most of the time, you knew which DJ was going to play or which club you would eventually end up at, but knowing how and with whom you’d go home is a different story…

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on November 1st, 2015
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Berlin is… at Ease

Berliner by Elif Kalkan

There is so much to say when you ask about the qualities of Berlin. You will hear anything from cheap rents to exciting nightlife. But one of the most attractive qualities of this city that sets it apart from many other major cities is it’s tranquility. Compared to the hustle of other capitals Berlin has a much slower pace. People are more relaxed, there is less pressure. It’s a laid-back, down-to-earth atmosphere that just invites you to slow down and take a breath. This is actually quite beautiful and healthy and I really appreciate this about Berlin.

The short film “Berliner” by Elif Kalkan shows this quality of Berlin in an intimate and charming way. You see life in Berlin from the perspective of some of its inhabitants who are sharing a moment with you in their homes. This is totally “Berlin and chill”. Enjoy after the jump.

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on October 28th, 2015
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The Most Unique Lamps in Berlin

Coordination Berlin Tangle 1

On the weekend we set back the daylight saving time to the normal time which means we’ve lost a fair share of daylight for the remainder of the year. To make up for this and not let the darkness win we are in need for some artificial light! Being a lamp enthusiast (and occasional lamp builder) this article was long overdue, but now here it is: A collection of some of the most original lamps that you can get here in Berlin. Enjoy my selection after the jump. May some of these beauties brighten your dark winter days that are coming up…

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on October 26th, 2015
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