Die Events der Woche

Light Assylum

Diese Woche gibt es direkt zwei Auftritte der New Yorker von Light Assylum. Außerdem haben wir zwei ganz besondere “Market” Events im Angebot, zwei Workshops für Fans von Graffiti und Musik, sowie eine ganz besondere Dinner Performance. Mehr nach dem Klick…


Want to learn graffiti from the pros? Then you should consider the Graffiti Workshop with street and graffiti artists Karl Addison and James Bulloughat that takes place at Etsy Labs, Ritterstr. 12-14, 18-21h. Register here by sending an email to deutsch@etsy.com.


New York-based Light Assylum will have a DJ Set at Shade Inc, NBI, Schönhauser Allee 36, 23:30h.


CDR is the platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and edits in a sound-system oriented environment. On Thursday they will have an event at Chez Jackie, An der Schillingbrücke, starting at 19h. There will be a workshop with producer and DJ Ewan Pearson and Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss at 20h. If you submit your own music by 20:30h it will be played that night.

As part of Summer Break 2011’s exhibtion Objective of Play, galerie OPEN wants to give you a fresh and playful eating experience. They invite you to participate in a dining performance of a three-coursed meal where nothing will be as you expected. Don’t play with your food is limited to only 30 performers and costs 15 EUR per-head, payable on the door. To book your place at the ‘table’ please email them at summer-break@galerie-open.net with the names of the participants, write it in the diary and look forward to a brand new dining experience. Legiendamm 18-20, 18h.

Brooklyn Invasion at Berghain Kantine, with Light Assylum and Black Cracker live, starts at 23h. Am Wriezener Bahnhof.


The SKYY SWAP MARKET goes into it’s third round here in Berlin. Swap you vintage treasures for other vintage treasures or brand new designer clothes. Submit your own stuff until Friday to XVII dix-sept or to Glücklich Am Park and come to the market at Stadtbad Oderberger, Oderberger Str. 57-59. Swapping starts at 21h, party at 23h. You can also just join in for the party. But either way you have to register over at Designer Scouts for the guestlist.


This Voodoo Market is not just a market, it’s magical event of all kinds. There will be designers, vintage fashion, tattoo artists, hair stylists, food, DJs, DIY workshops and much more. Takes place at Chez Jackie, An der Schillingbrücke, 13-21h.

Arm & Sexy takes place at Loki Garten, Zigraer Str. 1 in Neukölln, starting at 23h.



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