Die Events der Woche

Gossip by Rankin

Diese Woche gibt es Live-Auftritte von Gossip und Bombey Bicycle Club, eine weitere Blitz Party, einen Vintage Pop-Up-Shop und SciFi-Filme über Nazis vom Mond… Dies und mehr nach dem Klick.

Monday, May 7

Bombay Bicylce Club are playing live tonight at Astra, Revalerstr. 99, 20h.

Nomaden Kino at HBC with the new SciFi-trash Iron Sky with an absurd story of Nazi’s from the dark side of the moon. Starts at 20h, Karl-Liebkneckt-Str. 9.

Tuesday, May 8

(The) Gossip are playing live at Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 21h. Right after the concert they are having their aftershow party hosted by Shade Inc. at Loftus Hall, Maybachufer 48, 22:30h. DJs sets by Nathan (Gossip) with Anika and Shade boys Marius Funk and Kate Boss. Come early because the band will only be there in the beginning.

Wednesday, May 9

The 2nd Vintage Love Pop-Up Store with amazing pieces from the 60s and 70s will take place this week at Paul-Linke-Ufer 42 (backyard, 2. floor on the left) from Wednesday til Sunday from 14-19h.

The Mindpirates are screening 14 times academy award nominee (and winner of 6) movie All About Eve starring Bette Davis. Schlesische Str. 38, 20h.

Thursday, May 10

The EP Sendawoy is a special collaboration of author Christian Ludwig and music project Corwood Manual. The project will be presented with a reading accompanied by a concert at Voo Store, Oranienstr. 24, 21h. Free entrance.

I Eat You is hosting a series of special private dinner experiences with performances by Voin de Voin and music by The Sorry Entertainers at a secret location in Kreuzberg. Each dinner starts at 20h and will service a 3 course menue. Contribution: 33 EUR. Dates: May 10-12 & May 16-19, 2012. Reservations and more infos: ieatyou.berlin@gmail.com

You are old (over 20) and can’t stay up that long to party? Then The Early Bird is just the right party for you. Starts at 21h at What?! Club, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 11.

Friday, May 11

Strychnin Gallery is opening the group show Flawless with beautiful doll sculptures by various artists. Vernissage at 19h, the show runs until June 2, 2012. Boxhagener Str. 36.

Young photographer Janine Steinmetz is showing her photo series about her travels through India at Merkezi Gallery, Adalbertstr. 5/6 with a live performance by Timothy Armstrong, Indian style finger-food and later on a DJ set by FREOND. Vernissage starts at 19h.

“Carmen Miranda is missing her banana headpiece” RE-IMAGINED BRAZILIAN HEADPIECES is the title of an exhibition of new works by designers Tata Christiane, Mads Dinesen, Rubbish Fairy, Jackie Taylor, Raki, Baby Bone and Bim Arnby as well as photos from Valquire Veljkovic taking place at Sameheads , Richardstr. 10, starting at 20h.

Schönheitsmaschine is a performance and installation by bösediva and Jochen Arbeit opening this Friday 20h at LEAP, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13 (use the staircase behind the ticket booth). The installation can be viewed also on Sat and Sun from 15:30-22h with performances at 16, 19 and 21h.

Another Blitz party, another excentric outfit party, taking place at Horst Kreurberg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, starting at 23h.

Saturday, May 12

Skalitzers Contemporary is opening the solo show Human Behavior by Swedish artist Nug, openign at 19h, Skalitzerstr. 43. Runs until June 2, 2012.

Sunday, May 13

Another Handmade Supermarket is bringing you handmade and fair-trade design products and art. From 11-18 at Markthalle IX, Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43.


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