Die Hardcore Woche

Diese Woche ist in vielerlei Hinsicht Hardcore. Für jemanden, der auf sichte Filme steht, ist so ein Dokumentarfilm vom Festival ganz schön hardcore. Ebenso ein Modern Dance Stück, wenn man eher ins Kino geht sonst. Für Fashion Victims ist so ein Fatwalk wahrscheinlich die Härte. Und eine Varieté Show über Kunst und BDSM ist wahrscheinlich für die meisten ziemlich Hardcore. Die harten und soften Events nach dem Klick.


It’s the Berlinale issue of the weekly Monday Cinéma party at HBC Kino, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9. This time with guest DJ Slick Gizzle (Team Rainbow).


Movie night at Sing Blackbird, Sanderstr. 11, 20h. This time with My Winnipag by Guy Maddin.


You like modern dance and theatre? Then you might want to take a closer look at No Drama, a dance piece by Spanish choreographer Antiono Ruz that will premier in Berlin at Dock11, Kastanienallee 79, 20:30h. A trailer can be viewed here. The piece will also play on Friday and Saturday, same time.


A Tale of Three Cities is the first printed arts journal to get down on its knees and kiss the ground before Europe’s golden triangle: London, Paris and Berlin. For their first issue launching in the next months they are collection stories from all three cities. If you have an interesting story to tell about Berlin you’ll have the chance to get it into the magazine by coming to Kaufbar in Friedrichshain, Gärtnerstr. 4 from 17-21h. The team behind the magazine will be there to write down your story. More infos here.

In my house I do not only have a club that keeps me awake at some nights, from this Friday at 19:30h on I also call the label Yenikolka my new neighbor who are opening their a new fashion store and showroom with a party. Brunnenstr. 151.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Muschi Kreuzberg, the bare-faced T-Shirt label with prints such as “Ich komm aus Muschi du Kreuzberg” or “Kotti D’Azur”. They are also known for using particularily authentic models. This Friday they are showing their new collection at Hasenheide 11, starting at 20h with a Fatwalk Show (invite only), 22h Betreutes Trinken (their equivalent to a cocktail reception but with beer, burgers and Korn) and an after party at midnight.


We already reviewd the wonderful supper club Metti una sera a cena a while ago. They are now having a Tasting Party of dishes from Tuscany. Fing out how to make a reservation here.

Dancing on Ashes – Hardcore Kunst Cabaret is a multimedia revue with strange dance, askew music, dark performances and more. It takes place at Schwelle 7, an eventspace in Wedding that explores the transition between art and sexual fetishes like bondage and S/M. Surely this is gonna an experience of a different nature. Uferstrasse 6, 20:30h. Also on Sunday. More about here.

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