Berlin Alternative Fashion Week #2 Photos

Alternative Fashion Week

photos: Alicia Kassebohm

Last Saturday the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week took its second spin. The focus of this fashion event outside the regular international fashion week schedule is on fashion that break the restrictions of wearability. Our guest author and photographer Alicia Kassebohm took a few impressions from the shows of Ivana Pilja, Field of Ponies, Bas Kosters Studio und Roman Ermakov as well as some backstage images. Discover the unconventional side of fashion after the click.

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on March 31st, 2015
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The Best Sneaker Shop in Berlin: Overkill – Diadora Party N9000 Live


All photos:Nady El-Tounsy

Spring is coming. The last weekend was beautifully sunny and we have hopefully survived another Berlin Winter without big snow storms, glacier-sidewalks or other inconveniences. A good reason to put back the Winter boots back in the closet and get your colorful sneakers out. If you are still looking for the right pair of urban footwear we have one shop recommendation that probably every sneaker fetishist knows by heart. OVERKILL Berlin is more then just a shop: it is a footwear institution. Located directly at Schlesisches Tor, in Berlin Kreuzberg it brings you the most innovative and diverse selection of urban sneakers, street wear and graffiti. The store also sells all kind of creative material fitting in the street art subculture as pens and spray cans and other graffiti material. But even if you are not so much into the whole sneaker thing visiting OVERKILL is quite interesting for its interior design created by the studio plus4930 Architektur.

Do you still need a good reason to check it out? This Friday the 20.2 they are going to have an exclusive Diadora shoe presentation in store with free drinks and nice appetizers. I remember the Italian sportswear brand Diadora from my first track suits I got from my Italian part of the family. They will relaunch their 90′s cult-sneaker collection called N9000 LIVE which is a really great collection of running sneakes. We will give away two pairs of shoes to our readers directly at the event. To find out how to win them check out the rest of the article and the video to the shoes after the jump.

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on February 16th, 2015
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Backstage with Odeur at Berlin Fashion Week


photos: Olga Khristolyubova

For several seasons now the Swedish brand Odeur is showing at Berlin Fashion Week. Finally the minimalistic sportswear label had a big runway show and got the attention it actually deserved.  Even though we are not really sure what to think about the styling and the combination of this year’s collection, we definitely spotted some brilliant highlight pieces as Devid mentioned already in our best of menswear article. To continue our series of backstage impressions here you go with the next photo set by our dear Olga. Enjoy the pictures after the jump.

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on January 29th, 2015
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The 8 Best Menswear Collections of Berlin Fashion Week


Photos: Mercedes Benz Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week has come and already gone, which means I finally have some time to make sense of the menswear madness of this season. Men’s Fall/Winter fashion has never really been a draw at Berlin Fashion Week, but this January there were definitely a few shows who made it the perfect fashionistas catcher. From upcoming designers who raised the bar, to impeccable classic designs, and to the occasional ‘wtf?’, Berlin Fashion Week was again a great surprise. After a marathon through shows and some catching up online, I broke down the 8 Best Menswear collections that mattered most this season. Enjoy them after the jump!

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on January 24th, 2015
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Dancing over Berlin – Fashion Shoot with the Staatballett Berlin


Ballet dancing is one of the finest expressions of European culture. It created the creative base for today’s contemporary dance all over the world, and it’s also an art form with the perfect balance between lightness and power. Watching a ballet dancer perform is one of the most visually compelling experiences, and I am so glad that we have one of the most talented ballet companies here in Berlin: Staatsballett Berlin.

Combining their unique beauty with the rough urbanity of Berlin’s architectural landscape, we had a unique vision: shooting a fashion story showcasing a dance rehearsal on the rooftops of Berlin. Bringing new attention to the city’s rich cultural heritage, fashion photographer Olga Khristolyubova portrayed two of the most skilled dancers from Staatsballet: Sarah Mestrovic and Kevin Pouzou. Sarah is a native Berliner who has been enrolled in the company for ten years. She combines her artistic experience with a creative spark, making her move with lightness and passion over the roof of our shoot. Kevin is a french dancer who has been living and dancing in Berlin for 8 years now. His majestic beauty is nothing compared to his bravery and strength. Neither were afraid to move and bend over the abyss of the streets surrounding them; creating incredible images for us.

Since we shot on the last weekend of November, the air was already cold as ice, though the sun was fortunately shining. On top of their rehearsal gear, they wore Goose Feel down jackets and knits from We are Knitters: the perfect combination of warmth to help the dancers extend over the top of Berlin’s skyline, while also staying super-light and incredibly flexible so as to allow them to bend, leap and soar unimpeded while performing their magic. Enjoy the whole shoot after the jump, and stay tuned for the animated pictures soon to come.

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on December 16th, 2014
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Cinéma de Mode: Viktoria Modesta – Prototype

Viktoria Modesta

At first glance, what captured my attention about Viktoria Modesta was the look in her eyes—they’re alluring, burning with ambition and sex appeal—and then, as the camera pans down in the music video for her single Prototype, I noticed something strange.  A needle held by surgical-gloved hands rose into the air, as did a gleaming knife marked in red, while she sat there in her thrown, surrounded by red-robed characters. We go on to discover that she sports a prosthetic left leg, seen as a source of power and revolution throughout the music video, which was made for Channel 4’s Born Risky campaign set to challenge society’s stereotypes.  And she does exactly that, strutting and dancing with a with a Swarovski leg and a bionic leg that gives Lady Gaga a run for her money, as the story raises her to a higher power, worshipped by the younger generation in secrecy. Many girls grow up dreaming of becoming pop stars, complete with a media-generated idea of the perfect body image. And now British singer, songwriter and model Viktoria Modesta is here to stomp all over that. Check out this rising star and fashion muse with her iconic leg, as well as the music video for Prototype after the jump.

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on December 15th, 2014
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We Heart Party Shoes

We Heart Party Shoes

No real Berliner rushes into the busy nightlife without checking his outfit from top to the bottom . However one detail goes mostly unnoticed in the dark caves of the Berlin techno clubs: The Party Shoes.

Too bad, because nothing can enhance an outfit more than the right choice of shoes. We wanted to give the party shoe the right center stage and spared no effort to bring it into the spotlight.  Some of you guys have such amazing shoes that it’s time now for a real photographic tribute to them. And I also want to apologize to all of you who I have flashed right into the face when pointing the camera to the shoes… so sorry you were blind for the rest of the party!

But recently we noticed that unusual shoes appear rarely on our radar. If you look on the floor of the Berlin Night Clubs you realize why: Broken glass, dirt, beer bottles and especially the tramping shoes of the other party guests turn any Cinderella Highheel into a pitch black witch boot.

More party shoe photos  after the jump.

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on November 29th, 2014
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Handsome Men do not only live in Berlin – Places Project by Antony Morato


Every time somebody comes visiting me in Berlin and I show them proud and happy all my favorite places I realize that there is one thing that causes distraction: Men! Of course Berlin is also full of beautiful women, but apparently the Berlin men have something special that you cannot find in any other place. By reading the books of Klaus Mann I discovered that the appeal of the Berlin men already existed since the 20s. Right in the heart of Europe Berlin attracted all kinds of different types of personalities that maybe didn’t fit in other places and had their own sexual attraction. Their power of attraction lies not only in superficialities. Berlin men have the bad boy appeal that you can only get if you don’t care about having a big car or a giant house with a pool. Even if they might get slowly over the “poor but sexy” thing, the Berlin men are not interested in the stereotypical ego-boost status symbols (girls, cars, pools) and this is their secret formula to their sexiness (at least in my opinion).

But yet again, we should not limit our horizons. Today I have a special revelation for you: Handsome and interesting men do not only live in Berlin. The Italian fashion brand Antony Morato went on a venture to different Metropolises to discover interesting characters who are in love with their city. “We wanted to describe the cities which influence everybody’s imagination through the eyes of men like us, through the same eyes with which I saw and still see these cities when I look for ideas and inspiration” says Lello Caldarelli, Chairman and Art Director of the brand. As media partners of the project we will present you somebody from Berlin next week. For now we would love to take you to a trip to discover Barcelona, London and Naples through the eyes of three unique guys. Check out the videos of the project after the jump.

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on October 10th, 2014
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Talents of this City: Berlin’s Most Creative Fashion Labels


Deborah Borque for Front Row Society

Everybody who follows our blog knows that we are huge fans and supporters of Berlin’s fashion scene. We organized fashion shows, photo shootings, fashion film screenings, designed our own collections and even created our own fashion comedy show. Our next fashion-related project will be our Cinèma de Mode event tomorrow on October 2 featuring fashion films from Berlin and the rest of the world and we hope you can all attend.

On the occasion of this event we wanted to introduce you to Berlin labels that we consider to be outstanding in creativity and design. We also wanted to introduce you to the recent collaboration between Zalando Lounge and a couple of young Berlin labels. Zalando Lounge is an exclusive online shopping experience, where you get the chance to shop limited designs on a certain date with a special discount of up to 75%. They have recently updated their brand portfolio with a great range of Berlin labels and we think that is a great deal for the designers and their customers. After the jump we will introduce you to Sopopular, Blush, Frontrow Society, LVC by Lauren Victoria Craig and Umasan.

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on October 1st, 2014
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A Collection of Street Art Products


If there is one thing Berlin is full of and loved for it’s the tons of amazing Street Art and murals on the bare walls of its buildings. Especially districts like Kreuzberg, as well as all the abandoned industrial buildings along the Spree are covered with art and through that repuprosed from ruins to canvases. The only downside: You can’t exactly buy these amazing artworks for your living room. Well, most of them you can’t. But still there are a range of interesting products themed or focused on street art such as books, calendars, stickers and art prints, even some fashion items. For my first own collection on eBay Today I collected some of these products for you to have a look. More about it after the jump.

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on May 26th, 2014
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