A Night with the Royal Couple in Berlin

Royal Visit Claerchens Ballhaus-3881

In Berlin, we are famous for Techno, for being creative and for solving problems with minimal resources. But to be perfectly honest we are also famous all over the world for being frank and direct to the point of being actually rude. So are we rough Berliners able to be gentlemen and gentlewomen and to respect a certain etiquette when the British Royals come to visit? Let’s say, that we tried our best.

On occasion of the visit of William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Prince William and Kate Middleton for the less yellow-press-savvy readers) we got the chance to meet them and be part of a small gathering of Berlin creatives. Inside the beautiful Clärchens Ballhaus, emerging entrepreneurs and passionate artists from different disciplines came together to exchange and network following the invitation of the British Council and the British Embassy. Guests of honors, the Royal Couple, made an elegant appearance and seemed to not even sweat while the room was boiling hot from the humid air of a stormy summer night.

Claudio by Claudio
on July 21st, 2017
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These Berliners Have an Important Message to Share

Marlen Michael Frank Alice Soeren Laetitia

photos: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Continuing my story about our campaign for the Ehe für Alle organization together with SKYY Vodka I would like to present you today with the results of a photo shoot and interview we did with some of my dear colleagues from the world of blogs and Instagram. We designed a T-shirt that is calling for support from our straight friends and family members in our fight for marriage equality and other causes important to the LGBTQ community. We gave these shirts to a group of fellow bloggers and Instagrammers so they can spread our message to their fans and followers. We asked Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert to take some photos of them with the shirts. He’s one of our favorite Berlin photographers who we have featured multiple times here on iHeart over the years with his amazing analog portraits and who has empowered the LGBTQI community with his book Gender is a Spectrum. Today we want to share with you the beautiful results of our shoot.

We also asked all of them what their position is on the campaign, on the involvement of a brand like SKYY Vodka and what they think the next big steps should be now that marriage equality has been introduced. Their answers were so strong and beautiful that we want to share them with you as well. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially to the Ehe für Alle initiative and all the organizations that are part of it who fought hard for marriage equality to become a reality in Germany.

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on July 21st, 2017
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Dreaming of Hot Summer Days in Berlin


photos: Andrea Padoan

We’re all waiting for summer. We’re waiting for that true Berlin Summer. When there is no cloud at the sky, when the sun beams down mercilessly and the asphalt burns under our feet. Days that never end, days where we’re floating from park, to Späti to Balcony. We’re high on life, Vitamin D, wine and our best friend’s joint. These Berlin summer days create unforgettable memories. Memories that we share with our friends, or with that special someone. Maybe a romance, only for these steaming weeks of August, or maybe we keep that person by our side a little longer to warm us, embrace us for the cold Berlin winter months.

In his photo story photographer Andrea Padoan captures one of these special Berlin days. Two men spending a hot summer day at Tempelhofer Feld together. They have a few beer, Mate, and they have each other. Living in Berlin, it’s easy to relate. A day where time doesn’t matter anymore, nothing’s planned and we just live by the course of the sun. We wear the least amount of fabric, we eat whatever we want, we drink whatever we want, we are covered in sweat but no one cares because everybody is. One of these days where Berlin vibrates and stands still at the same time. We are all waiting for these days. Maybe they’re gonna come…

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on July 21st, 2017
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9 Cool Alternatives to Typical Berlin Tourist Sights


You know the drill: Someone is coming to Berlin for the first time, and you, with them, have to visit the same typical, commonplace “Berlin musts” for the thousandth time, along with flocks of tourists who push you in order to make their 13th shot of the same angle of the Berliner Dome. To save us all the distress of touring around what everyone is expected to see in the city, we gathered their alternatives one can visit instead, through which the real Berlin is revealed. (disclaimer: maybe your mom will not enjoy it).

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on July 21st, 2017
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10 Fun Ways to Insult Someone in German


illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

It’s the first thing someone wants to know when finding out about a new language: before learning how to say hi, or or how to introduce yourself, you want to learn how to curse. I’m sure there is a sociological angle to it, but science aside, swearwords are just amusing. Looking into the magnificent world of German swearwords, one isn’t at all surprised with the creativity levels the country of Goethe and Schiller has. We’ve collected some of the most noteworthy examples, that will have you regret every time you’ve called someone an idiot instead of an ass violin.

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on July 19th, 2017
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Gayting in Berlin: One Night of Desperate Flirting

Berlin Party Photos-6718

Berlin is pretty gay. No, that was not the one and only reason I decided to move here almost five years ago but, that definitely played into it. What city could be better to explore your own queerness than Europe’s gay capital, right? Well, let’s say, like any relationship: It’s complicated! Being gay, living and finding out how to define my own sexuality is one thing. Finding Prince Charming here is something else though. Men are generally not known for being more on the romantic side of things, even in straight relationships. Imagine you put two horny men who like men into one room… And now imagine you put thousands of gay men into one city famous for hedonism… And in times of attractive specimen being just one click on your phone away, we’re all just becoming lazy, horny gay sloths grinding our neighborhood from the sofa.

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on July 17th, 2017
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Why the Fight for Marriage Equality is such an important one

Ehe fuer Alle-1182

When I talk about the fact that I got married in Argentina last year one of the most likely questions I will get is why I didn’t get married here in Germany. The answer to that is quite simple: Because it wasn’t legally possible. It doesn’t matter if the person who asks me this is German or not they are always surprised by this. It’s incredible how many people are not aware that we don’t have marriage equality in Germany.

When SKYY Vodka approached me recently and asked me to participate in their “One Generation forward” campaign about diversity and equality it felt only natural to me to take a stand for marriage equality because I too have felt affected by discrimination of the law against same-sex couples, and several of my friends have too. So we teamed up with Sören from the organization Ehe für Alle who has been at the forefront in the fight for marriage equality and cooked up something together. And as life is always full of surprises everything took an unexpected turn about 2 weeks ago…

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on July 16th, 2017
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Imagine Berlin By The Sea


map: Carlos Borrell

I know, there’s only so much you can ask for from a place right? And considering that already Berlin is giving us SO much, it feels ungrateful to be asking for more. It is sexy, it is affordable, it is tolerant, it is fun. But still, there’s certain things Berliners crave for, these few things missing that would truly make it paradise, and us unable to ever leave it.

Like, for instance, I think, I don’t know if you agree, um, maybe we could use nicer weather? I don’t mean to sound unthankful for all the blessings this city gracefully bestows upon us, but we could do without these forever-winters. Of course once the frost spell is broken it gets to be really beautiful, it’s just not enough of that. Berliners show their fascination with the good weather, right when the first sign of it appears: ready to get naked and run to a lake, wearing smiles we definitely need to see more of.

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on July 13th, 2017
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Understanding Berlin’s Gentrification from an Architect’s Perspective

Yuppies verpisst euch


There is a ghost in town that will probably not get busted or disappear into thin air. Every day gentrification becomes more and more a real issue transforming neighborhoods, streets, and buildings from affordable, multicultural and diverse to posh, homogenous and boring.

But the issue of gentrification is not as simple as that. It’s a complex sociological and economic challenge Berlin is facing right now and solutions from politicians and urban planners alike are more than urgent.

To understand the phenomenon from a different perspective we spoke to Itay Friedman who is not only researching and writing about urban development and architecture but also working here in Berlin as an architect.

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on July 10th, 2017
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About Finding Your Identity in Berlin

Chunks of Soul

photos: Dario-Jacopo Laganà.

Despite Berlin’s ever changing face throughout history, the city has always been a destination for people searching for a place where they can truly be themselves and find their own identity. In times when the way we create and perceive our own image is so affected by everyone’s perfectly polished presence on digital platforms, anyone situating him or herself outside the norm might experience this search even more as a burden. This is why open, liberal places like Berlin help us all the more to find out who we really are and how we want the world to see us.

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on June 30th, 2017
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